A Superman worthy of our time?

With the warm reviews surrounding DC cinematic universe and Henry Cavill’s version of the Man of Steel, GEAR UP as a NEW Man of Steel leaps into our moist laps – Enter Tyler Hoechlin wooooof


SuperGirl Season 2 came back into our lives last night with a new hunk in tow Tyler Hoechlin. And after 1 episode I can say Tyler Hoechlin is the best Superman I have known!!!

Now before the outrage begins from the Christopher Reeve fans or the Dean Cain posse, I’m very late in my life to the superhero genre. I remember sitting with my friends discussing the finer points of Dean Cain’s bulge or why Tom Welling didn’t have more naked scenes in Smallville, but I missed Christopher Reeve and didn’t really get how important Superman is. Like any Doctor Who fan would say now I’ve found my Superman and oh my he is very hot.

Well lets not forget this is still the SuperGirl series, the appearance of her “more famous younger cousin” doesn’t overshadow the main drive of the show at all. With a show focussed on Supergirl the first season tried several times to skate around Clarke/Superman’s absence. This has been addressed brilliantly bringing in the Man Of Steel to Central city to team up with Supergirl.


Hoechlin nails both aspects of this iconic character. The writers of the show have really emphasised the guidelines set out by DC comics that Superman is the Show and Clarke Kent is the disguise, including a great scene where Clarke comes into his awkward shy side “You really have that klutzy thing down!” laughs Kara “Yeah, no, that was actually real,” admits Clarke. With the two teaming up with a combined threat the two properly work together with Superman passing on things he had learnt and not acting like a teacher letting Supergirl find her own way.

Bringing Superman to the CW DC world was a gamble to take, especially after Henry Cavill’s silver screen version has been dominating the headlines for the last few years. But unlike the DC films where each encounter is a world shattering event that puts Superman and his friends in mortal danger – in Supergirl this is Superman being Superman on a daily basis, something we haven’t seen since Dean Cain flew in the tights.

Speaking of tights, yes I couldn’t be more excited to find Tyler in those tights, the hot ass picture that was released shortly after filming was the first time I’ve ever looked at Superman and thought definitely a bottom with that pert bum. But Tyler is no stranger to getting his kit off, he was the only reason I watched Teen Wolf.


With more episodes to come with Supergirl and a return visit to Teen Wolf in its final  season could we be seeing more of Tyler over the next year??

“I know that’s a big discussion between Warner Brothers and [Supergirl producer, Greg] Berlanti,” the actor told Entertainment Weekly.

“I let them handle that and we’ll see where it goes and what happens next, but for the time being, I’ll have to wait and see.”

Smallville being the last long running serial of Superman could he get his own show again??

“It’s been a few years since Superman’s really been sticking around on TV for a long time, and who knows what they’ll end up doing and what they’ll want to do?” he said.

“It’s fun to be doing it for what it is right now, and if something else comes out of it in the future, then that’s something they’ll let us know down the road.”

Well all I can say from Gays, Geeks & Gym Tyler Hoechlin gets 5 Woofs out of 5

 Darren Goodwin

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