Got Wood???

The CW is famous for bringing us a whole stud farm of hunks, please meet Chris Wood.

Kai Parker the big bad of season 6 of The Vampire Diaries brought the world to the attention of Chris Wood, this week seeing him straddle a girl on the photo copier in Supergirl made me want to know more.


After the outstanding arrival of Superman hunk Tyler Hoechlin, we missed the 2nd arrival of hotness in National City. Arriving in a pod in the first season finale as Mon-El, who is from Krypton’s sister planet Daxam, which was also destroyed along with Kara’s homeworld. So far, we know Mon-El is invulnerable (needles can’t penetrate his skin), as well as strong and fast just like Kryptonians. Also like Kara, his newfound abilities are powered by the sun. But Mon-El isn’t interested in using them for good, but instead using them to play. And play he does going from the photocopier scene I mentioned earlier wooof.


Chris is a proper up and coming actor, who is building a fan base within the popular serials like Supergirl and The Vampire Diaries. And of course he is very hot. The best way to describe him as a bit preppy. There is a thin line between Wood and Hoechlin either actor could have played each others parts – well that’s a completely different set of images woof.


Previous to Supergirl Wood has been seen in the Sex and the City prequel The Carrie Diaries as well as Containment. But for me, the first time I saw Wood was during The Vampire Diaries season 6 playing Kai Parker. Kai was the hot boy witch you loved to hate, slightly in the shadow of the king of broody Klaus. Kai had no off switch, if he was going to kill you. you were dead. He’s a total sociopath who lives to drive other people crazy, likely before he kills them in the bloodiest way possible, and all while he’s enjoying every minute of it. For a brief minute there, he ended up with some unwanted feelings that made him confused about what to do with his empathy, but now he’s in full-on revenge mode and out for blood again.  Ending the season by becoming a heretic and being killed Kai will live on as one of the big bads of series.


For now I look forward to more of Wood in Supergirl, he brings a great new dynamic to the show and unlike Kai brings a bit of naughtiness to the role. For now his dark features and chiselled body definitely bring up the GGG woof factor.

Darren Goodwin









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