If like me your still trying to work out WTF happened at the end of Roanoke, I’m still lost. Instead I’ve looked back past seasons at the Man Candy that graced our Screen.

wesWes Bently

Best known for his role in American Beauty, Wes joined AHS during Freak Show. His best role to date was during Hotel, his bloody naked streak through the Cortez was gripping. Who can argue those baby blues earn his place here.


Alexander Dreymon

One of the hotties of Coven, Alexander played tempting boy next door Luke Ramsey, whose mother is a religious zealot. Every time he committed sin in his mother’s eyes, he was subjected to a bleach douche. But its him getting fucked hard by Doctor Who star Matt Smith in Christopher and his kind, that leaves the lasting impression woooooof.


Evan Peters

Evan is the constant male lead since AHS began with Murder House, appearing in all seasons. It was his role as the hunky Frankenstein Monster during Coven, that for me he was at his hottest. But recently during Roanoke his best line delivered to his black slave ” now work my nipples!” which made me giggle.


Adam Levine

Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine Showed guest starred in Asylum. He’s already got the Moves Like Jagger hotness from being a rock/pop star, but this was his first acting gig. His best scene was wetting the tip of his dick with spit, before fucking his new bride in the Asylum.


Teddy Sears

Teddy only appeared in Murder House as the cheating gay cowboy. But you can’t deny that jaw line and chiselled good looks. Other notable roles include a hot stripper in Ugly Betty, getting hard and horny in Masters Of Sex. More recently Sears has entered the DC universe as Zoom on The Flash.


Dylan McDermott

Dylan McDermott starred as the main hunk of Murder House, playing a cheating husband. Similar to Amityville Horror he was plagued by the female ghosts of the house, which lead to a lot of topless scenes. He returned during Asylum as the son of bloody face, but not since. Ryan Murphy please a season 7 return please.


Cheyenne Jackson

Pop star, film star, Broadway star Cheyenne Jackson first came in during Hotel as Will Drake. His smouldering good looks and very naked scenes with Lady Gaga left nothing to the imagination.


Cheyenne returned a year later during Roanoke as Sydney. But at the end of the day you look at this guy, who was a big bottom boy in Hotel and think wooooof.

Now its hard to toss-up between the last two, but they’re both pretty much the hottest as of yet.


Finn Wittrock

First appearing as supremely sick Dandy Mott during Freak Show, his portrayal of pure narcissistic serial killer was outstanding. During Hotel he also played vampire Rudy Valentino and male model Tristan Duffy, this guy is a hot star in the making. Not afraid to get his kit off and showing his buff bod in just a pair of pants also gives this guy top points. Woooooooooooooooof



Matt Bomer

After playing a gay hooker in Freak Show, Bomer took on vampire lover to Lady Gaga Donovan in Hotel. Matt first came to my attention playing hunky stripper Ken in the Magic Mike films. This guy is not afraid to get naked, and is the living embodiment of a Ken doll. He will always be known for the hottest, bloodiest 4 some with Gaga in Hotel. To me this guy is the top hunk and cant wait to see more(what is left to see) WOOOOOOOF.


So to this day Hotel rules the seasons of AHS for the most hunks in one place. Can season 7 do better?

Darren Goodwin

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