Where to get your protein fix??

Since trying to master my diet, one thing my PTs have always said was to get more protein into it. But where to begin??

I was very weary of Protein shakes ect when I started to look at food diet, the idea of shakes being a food replacement I wanted to stay away from. I’ve tried these diets before, but the foodaholic in me needs to physically eat food. I would always stick to three square meals a day, and always had fruit as snacks during the day. It’s odd as far as I knew fruit was the perfect thing to have, a few apples maybe an orange instead.

My trainer Matt Evans encouraged me to bring a lot more protein in, eating a lot more meat ect and having my carbs at the right time of day. He suggested protein shakes, not as a meal replacement but as an enhancement. I brought some banana smoothie and strawberry milkshake Protein shake. I have two a day, one after my work out and one mid/late afternoon. Sometimes if I’m hungry before bed I’ll have another one, I have a horrible habit of waking up at morning and getting something to eat.

I didn’t know where to start in terms of what brand. I went to my local Holland and Barret and paid through the nose for my first pack of strawberry whey protein, just to see if I could bring it into my diet. I tried it first with water and to be honest was awful, powdery couldn’t taste the strawberry. I tried it with milk a lot better. Over time now i’ve been adding water together.

I saw a Facebook post for Protein Dynamix website. It was  easy website to choose your items I needed, and it was cheap. If you have a budget and don’t want to worry about spending too much on your weight loss supplies Protein Dynamix is a place to visit.

I still have fruit in my diet but I wanted to mix it up a bit, and bring in a protein bar. Now trying to find the best one has been very hit and miss, you got get one that suits you. So myself and Matt have done the taste test for four different bars.

 Nutrimino’s Chocolate Brownie and DynaBar Vanilla Crunch bar.

Matt say’s  These bars have about 24 grams of protein, with an equal amount of Carbohydrates. This bar is perfect for when you have just finished your workout.

I have a horrid addiction to sweets, and these bars taste too real, which I understand is the point. It’s a candy bar that gives you so much more, but if you’re trying to get away from candy bars I wouldn’t recommend.


 Oatein chocolate chip flapjack

Matt say’s This flapjack is designed for slow release carbohydrates, it has more oats, but more carbohydrates compared to the other bars. This bar has more calories, great to use if doing cross country running or training for marathons.

A very chewy and crumbly bar, not a great deal in flavour, it was a no from me.


Grenade Carb Killa white chocolate cookie

Matt say’s This is the best bar in my opinion, it’s the lowest in carbohydrates 15grams and 22grams of protein. Brilliant for a post work out snack. Best on the market.

I am a big fan of white chocolate so I was a bit nervous to try this bar, but it tasted amazing and satisfied my craving. But unlike the other bars I didn’t crave to eat 5 more bars after. This is most definately my favourite.

The winner is……..


For more advice about weight loss and fitness from Matt Evans please contact him by email 🙂


Darren Goodwin

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