First week done!!

Alarm goes off at 7am Fuck! I just wanna go back to sleep, BUT NO!

After all the partying, drinking, bad food and Bday in December, its always hard trying to get back into gym routine. I wont lie to anyone its been a tough week to force myself into it, with good results.


The first thing I hated was trying to get to the gym before 9am! Most the week I work 9-5 and sometimes I struggle to get out of my bed. Anyone living by the sea as I do, can completely understand its FUCKING COLD at 7am lol. The temptation to stay in the warm bed is too good. A little trick especially for guys. If you suffer from “morning wood”, cold shower straight into gym kick and off u go. I suppose its similar to a boxer on a sex ban till after the fight? But it really gets you motivated if are strong minded.


Tuesday was my first session with back with Matt. Its been a while since I had to stop during a session because I felt sick, but I took it for a good sign. I was very worried any weight I had put over Xmas, would affect my determination. But the best way to look at it, I’ve borrowed a few pounds from bank, right now I have to pay it back. But a week into am happy with the results.

I’ve looked at my food options, and what to aim for calories wise. Matt recommended an app that helps keep count of your food. If you haven’t tried it, I would say download myfitnesspal. Easy to use, even for me.


With all the support from Matt, this week has been extra special with my gym buddy Shannen. We both have our goals for the year, and am so pleased that she’s with me kick starting 2017.



Hope your first week back in the gym was as good 🙂

Darren Goodwin



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