Kim Woodburn Queen Of Clean – The Greatest Hits




Right now everyone watching the January Edition of Celebrity Big Brother, can’t believe the phrases coming out of Kim Woodburn’s mouth. Who knew she was like this?

I cant stop watching this woman, I’ve been a massive fan since How Clean Is Your House. Poor Aggie didn’t stand a chance compared to Kim, with a stern stance looking like a low rent drag queen Kim is just amazing. The last few weeks has seen the immortal line “Chicken Livered Shits” be sprawled all over the internet.  The Best being The Kim Woodburn “Adulterer” rap that’s been released, and the endless memes that fill my heart with joy.

But Lets look at some of her best bits

You’re a bunch of sexless twotters!

Hello Billy

Beating the merry dippins

Too many cooks spoil the broth! Kim Vs Katie Price and Joe

Kim Puts Justin in his place

My Hair has earns me a good living


Sexual Assault

Kim’s Rude Awakening

Kim V Katie Price

And finally some of the Big Brother hits


Darren Goodwin

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