So they say in January, you have all the good intentions to take steps to change your life. But usually by the 5th Jan a lot of these steps have been thrown out of the window. But so far its been a success.

5 stone in one year is my goal.

This month I’ve concentrated more on cardio. Over Xmas with partying and indulgence, I had put on 6lbs to my horror. To a lot of people this can be a big downer, and could demotivate you to achieve your goals. The best way I could rationalise this is to look at it like a bank. So over Xmas I borrowed 6lbs from the bank, and now I need to repay this back in – before I get interest.

My cardio consisted of cross trainer, bike and walking. Each gym session would consist of minimum of 40mins dedicated to cardio. The rest of the session would be rotated between legs, then arms, and shoulders and chest.

Even with my sessions with Matt, I keep bringing all my work down to the weight I put on over Xmas. Anyone will tell you its ok to put on weight over Xmas, but when you spend all year losing weight and keeping it off! It does annoy you. So he has been more proactive to make sure I get back into my routine, make sure the diet is firmly in place before moving on. BUT am so excited for Feb with Matt because we are bringing in boxing!! Ha ha


January I wanted to start with a bang, so who else but my girls THE SPICE GIRLS. Everything from the big hits, solo hits and the new GEM songs. SLAM YOUR BODY DOWN, AND WIND IT ALL AROUND.



This first month has been the toughest trying to break out of the December Christmas routine. The biggest problem I have is waking at 4am, going to the loo then having something to eat. I’ve tweaked my dinner times a lot through the month, keeping  This month I’ve bought so many easy peelers sweet clems to have by my bed, all in aid  to stop me snacking or feeling the urge for food.

Chewing your food.

After watching several weight loss programmes over the last 2 weeks, the one common theme that ran across them all was chewing food properly. I wont lie to you, sometimes I seem to inhale food. A big evening meal would be gone in 2 minutes. I set myself the task of trying to chew my food, 20-30 times before swallowing. This is very tough to do. I found this especially tough having dinner with friends. I was concentrating more on how chews I was doing, than listening to the conversation. It is working progress right now, I’m finding it annoying, but I do feel fuller taking my time.


“It is important to chew food obviously 🙂 But trying to train your mind and stomach you are full, could make eating more of an issue for you. It does make it easier to digest, but doesn’t release more nutrients…. they are just in there, even if you swallow whole. You shouldn’t have to think how much you are chewing.”

Cooking was never one of my strongest points, hence why it was so easy to put on so much. But every month I’ve been trying to learn new recipes.

Cajun chicken with lemon cous cous and sugar snap peas


  1. 200grams Chicken Breast.
  2. Cajun spice.
  3. 60grams couscous.
  4. 1 lemon grated and juiced.
  5. 100 grams sugar snap peas.

220 calories,  22.9grams protein, 3.6 grams fat. 22.9 carbs.

Home made turkey burgers with sweet potato bun

  1. 250grams Turkey mince with mixed herbs
  2. 100gram Sweet potato
  3. Asparagus

429 calories, 69 grams protein, 4.8 grams fat, 30.4g carbs.


“Both these meals are great examples of lean meals… a good blend of protein, fats and carbs. The perfect post workout meals. Turkey is a great substitute for beef mince, which is high in fat, so then increasing the calories in that meal massively. Turkey is lean and a great source of protein.”

“The Cajun spices on chicken are great, as long as you know what has gone into making the product. A lot of sauces and flavourings are full of sugar, without even realising it the calories go through the roof.”

“When cutting down calories you want the volume of your food to stay same, but the fats carbs and sugars to be reduced. At the end of the day you should never been hungry when dieting.”


I am so happy with this, I am taking off 6lbs for the Xmas gain. The other positives to this are my diet, back in my 5 days a week gym routine. The best thing I would say is the snug t shirts I had beginning of Jan are loose again.


To get more advice on food or fitness from Matt please email him.


Darren Goodwin


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