February for a lot of people the time to give up on their weight goals, but not me time to soldier on!

LEGS, LEGS AND MORE LEGS. When I look at myself in the mirror compared to years ago, I finally have parts I really like and that I am proud of. I’m loving my legs right now. I look at my legs and am really proud of the work I have put into them. I look at other big beefy men in the gym and dream about having their bodies, but actually I never realised the full effects of sparrow legs. I never realised that some of these were maybe looking at me and dreaming they had better legs like I did??? I don’t know but I tell myself this and it makes me happy.

So to translate it is when some of your regular meat heads that attend the gym, do non stop upper body and forget about squats to match their legs. Now I have an advantage over most these people, and to be honest its the first time I have ever been a tiny bit thankful for being so overweight. During my time of being so heavy its made my legs extremely strong lol. Carrying all that weight for so long has really built up my calf muscles and my legs, again am really digging my legs at the moment. So I really wanted to build on this nice little after effect of being fat, so I’ve been killing my legs during circuit leg sessions. It is getting to the point that I get so excited before the gym, something that has never happened before. And when I’m in that zone its the best feeling ever.

I’ve got bigger legs than Zac Efron!!

This month wasn’t without its problems, I had to overcome a few obstacles with my training.

For years now I’ve suffered with a dodgy knee, I had been to the doctors on numerous occasions with no success of it ever being treated. I walk into a Doctor’s surgery and I would get the same reaction, the doctor would look at me and put anything I had down to my weight. These doctors don’t know my history, nor do they know about my weight journey. In the last few months I’ve been trying to strengthen my knee and build my self up for running. I remember I lost a lot of my weight before from, and I really wanted to get back to that. The first day on the treadmill I started with 13mins, 1 min walking to 2 min running intervals which seemed ok. The plan was to increase it by a minute each day. By day 3 I had to stop after 5 minutes as my knee was in so much pain. Over the next week I had to abandon leg exercises and cardio until it had healed. I was honestly gutted by this, I thought I had done everything right to prepare my body to do this. I do think before any running I need to warm up knees, leg presses seem to work. This isn’t a fight I’m going to back away from, but I have to tackle it from a different direction I think. When visiting the doctor yet again after this, I was told it was due to my weight and not to put so much pressure on it. Ggggrrrrr no shit Sherlock. Matt was more understanding and gave me better advice than the doctor did. But it doesn’t stop there.

Unfortunately I was in hospital for asthma in the last few weeks, I’d never suffered from this when I was younger but it can take effect in adult life. I had been suffering with chest infections due to the cold weather since Christmas, but one day had a massive asthma attack which lead to a night in hospital. But I survived that and now I have inhalers, and again another forced rest from the gym. Before anyone comments that perhaps I’m pushing myself too much or not looking after myself enough. It’s just one of those things. But I’ve taken the doctor’s advice and rested and made sure Matt is aware and tailors my routines with this.


Leg Routine

Like I said at the beginning this month was all about legs so Matt put together a leg routine for me.

. Plate loaded leg press – 4 sets 50kg 25kg plate each side 12-15 reps


. Walking lunges – 10kg x 4 sets 10 reps each way

.Straight leg deadlifts – 20kg barbell – 3 sets

. Leg extensions – 20 reps x 3 sets 25-32kg


“This leg routine is designed to work the big compound movements of the legs. This is to work on strength and burn more calories, and then move on to smaller isolation movements for quads and hamstrings. All this is the base starter to help progression on the compound events in the future.”

“I’ve also have to take into account Darren’s knee injury. Together we are trying to strengthen the muscles around the knee, so Darren can progress further in his goals. Compared to when we first started his knee has become a lot stronger.”

Cardio has continued as normal, I have been rotating cross trainer and bike. Running is on the cards but I need to get my knee stronger.



This month was all about Lady Gaga at the Super bowl, so I dedicated this month to her. I sometimes forget exactly how many awesome songs she has actually made. I remember when The Fame Monster was released and big club numbers like Bad Romance, Poker Face and Telephone were unleashed into the world. But these days I can’t stop Listening to Just Dance x


I am so happy with this, with everything that happened this month I was lucky to lose anything. Now my sights are set on March fingers crossed I will double my February results, fingers crossed.

To get more advice on food or fitness from Matt please email him.


Darren Goodwin

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