Gay Dating Jan – Feb 2017

After the eventful dates of 2016 I wanted to continue my search to see if Mr Right could truly be found out there?

2017 new year, new me. I wanted to make sure I continued putting myself out there to try and meet someone, for something more. I’m starting to think I’m going at this a little bit wrong, part of me wants to get away from the sleazy deviant side which to be honest has given me some of the best wild times and great orgasms ever, and move more towards a more gentleman like approach which at the moment is boring me to death. How do I get a happy balance between the two?

Its not till one of my friends said to be ” have you thought that maybe its not you? and maybe its the people your going on dates with?” I think in 8 weeks I’ve been on dates with about 9 people, with not much happening past the 3rd date. And I think my friend was right, maybe instead of mass dating I should hold the bar higher for who I should agree to a date with? But this time hasn’t been without it’s weird and bizarre stories.

Too pot or not to pot?????


After a really slow October I was messaged on Scruff by a profile – Brighton Couple. I’m not a stranger to 3somes or more, when the mood takes me its quite a turn on. I agree with Samantha Jones from Sex and City its always better to be the guest star and not part of the couple. I’m too possessive over my Doctor Who DVDs let alone watching someone else fuck my boyfriend, but hey if I can be the extra spice for another couple then I’m good to go.


So I met up with this couple who lived in Hove one Sunday evening, a nice couple mid 40s Ben and Mark. The meet went well for a late afternoon Scruff meet, it was just myself and Ben then ended up playing as Mark just wanted to watch a bit but after 10mins felt uncomfortable and left us to it. Ben I really liked, he ticked a lot of boxes for me which was a bonus because quite frankly Mark did nothing for me. A few hours later after a great time I was all “done” and left, walking home with a  skip in my step. But this is where the real story begins.

Middle of November Ben started to what’s app me, completely out of the blue asking how I was, as well as being a dirty with pictures. But it wasn’t until he told me that him and Mark had split up. Suddenly I was very interested, we flirted more and had another meet up. It was amazing I was in my element with him. Then out of the blue he asked a slightly odd question, he asked when would I save my load for him? At this point I thought he meant not have a wank until I saw him next, boy was I wrong. His actual question was would every time I wanked off would I cum in a pot and freeze it? WTF I’ve been asked some really freaky stuff before but this was something completely new, but I didn’t say no.

Over the next week or so he continued to message me and being very flirty and even a bit romantic. He asked a few more times what I thought of his request, several times I would say to him I would think about it. It didn’t get weird here, he didn’t pressure me or ask for more and more outrageous things, it was just to save my cum. He even sent me several videos of him performing a one man show, even demonstrating how to aim for a small pot lol. He even sent me a great Xmas special with him dressed in a Xmas jumper in front of a Xmas tree having a wank. But I kept having doubts and even sort my friends advice, so from this point I had a few questions I needed answering.

  1. What sort of pot would I use?
  2. Do I tell my housemate what is in the back of the freezer, for fear of discovery?
  3. Do I fill it to the top?

More and more I started to like him, and even had a berocca pot saved ready for this. Now some people reading might be saying to themselves “why would you even consider such a request?” Now lets weigh this thing up, when you meet person that ticks so many boxes for you and I mean a lot

  1. Looks
  2. sense of humour
  3. Geeky
  4. Great body
  5. Big willy
  6. Right age

With all these things together and the one and only request they ask is this, can I do this for the idea of starting a relationship, and is what he asking really that bad? The one question I didn’t ask was what he was going to do with it once I had filled the pot? Whatever the answer I was not prepared for that answer lol. After Xmas we had a date where I discovered he was back with Mark and wanted us to carry on, one weekend a month getting high having sex. I could of possibly said yes to this, but too much had happened with the cum pot request. I stopped talking to Ben and filed him away to this blog as a lovely memory lol.

Loud and Camp


I started chatting to Daniel on Tinder, we matched and he messaged me straight away. The first thing I was really unsure of was his age, a little bit outside my age bracket at 24. Now for my age I usually go for guys 27-40.

As much as I sort of shrugged him off, he kept coming back and then we started to hit it off. He suggested going for drinks and dinner the coming Friday, but I all ready had my doubts about this one. So he suggested we go for drinks one night at All Bar One, to be honest I had already met another guy for drinks before hand but in my mind if we didn’t click I’d rather know now, not sitting at dinner I cant get out of spending money. When I met him in the bar, I straight away could see how camp he was. This guy was screaming, I wont lie it really didn’t do a lot for me. After an hour he started to act to like a proper Princess, so precious in his world only unicorns and pixies could be better than him. He even started bitching at me trying to insult me, all for a laugh. I couldn’t wait to get out of there, like a poor lamb he was I spared him the verbal piss takes I really wanted to throw at him.

Friday came and Daniel messaged me again to see if we were still going out. I tried to say I was busy, but I was easily swayed as he bombarded me with naked pics of himself asking me for a night in. As much as this boy got on my nerves he seemed to want to ride me till dawn, and he had a great arse. But why did I not listen to myself, it was the worst night ever. He arrived drunk and at one point wanted to dance for me. The final nail of the coffin was when he gave my dick a gentleman’s handshake and saying “nice to meet you” I knew it was over. He messaged me a few times after this asking to see me again, but I told him we wanted different things in life and that was it.

Mr Monotone


I met Mike in a bar in Brighton, I remember I was very drunk but he asked for my number which I was flattered about. I don’t get someone asking for number that often so when Mike did it did make my night. But I didn’t remember this until a few days later when he started to text me, don’t get me wrong I could I remembered he wasn’t bad looking and he made me laugh so I agreed to drinks with him. Now this is the lesson I should learn, did he make me laugh or was I laughing at him? Not to sound arrogant or up my arse  but I could remember something wasn’t right as I entered the bar and saw him again, until I remembered. Mike had the most boring monotone voice, as he spoke the volume or tone never changed, even when talking about things that excite him. Suddenly I had flashbacks to the night we actually met and I remember he saying “I’m so horny to suck ur dick” sounding like my old geography teacher. I don’t want to say horrible things about Mike because this was something he couldn’t help, but at times I just wanted to ask him ” are you happy or sad about this?” as he was talking to me. I didn’t see him again after that night, but in future I have to remember to have proper chats to people before giving out my number.

Moving Forward

I think after losing my best friend at the beginning of the year I really panicked that there was a big space in my life, a space possibly a partner should of taken years before. So I thought I should put myself out there so much, that I ended out with some guys I usually would of said fuck off too. Lessons learned I think, but I think its quality than quantity moving forward.


Darren Goodwin




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