Full throttle for March, its been an amazing completing my goals and advancing forward!

Its time for your running shoes, I’ve officially back on track with running. I’m so pleased with this, like I said previously I was pissed off I hurt my knee and was unable to run. I spent so long preparing myself to do this and I couldn’t. Now a month later I’m on the treadmill every other day, and I wont lie I’m fucking loving it. The routine I’m doing at the moment I begin with a good warm up, starting with 10mins on the cross trainer and 10mins on the leg press warming up my knee. Then its straight on the tread mill for 25mins, I cant run for that long solidly, so instead interval running 15mins running with 10mins walking. I usually finish off with some chest and arms, but am so glad I didn’t give up on this. Matt is a bit concerned for me thought, I don’t think I have the correct trainers for running so me and him have an outing to the trainer shop end of month.

Am really missing my gym buddies at the moment, I had just got into a habit of going twice a day for a few days, I’d go for my morning session but would need my buddies to push me for the evening session. My friend David would join me on a Monday night, Shannen and Amie would go on a Thursday night and me and Shannen would do a another night. David quit the gym – the slacker lol and Shannen is on holiday.

Cant wait till your home Shannen.



Moobs are a big bug bearer for me, its one side effect of being fat I absolutely hate. My dream goal is to make myself look masculine and stocky, its hard to do that when you’ve got CC cupped boobies hanging off you. Well to be fair I’ve gone down a few cup sizes, but I still dream of the elusive pec. I was speaking to my friend Daniel recently about my body changing and I’ve noticed that losing weight doesn’t happen symmetrically. To put it in simple language my right hand tit is a lot smaller than the left, I more worried I’ll lose one and be left with only the one. So I did the sensible thing and spoke to Matt. We changed the work outs we were doing, and we started to do more shoulders and chest. I loved these work outs, but what I loved more was feeling my chest getting harder, not so flabby and this was brilliant.

Matt Says

The Chest and shoulder work outs we have done have been geared more towards working the upper body and shoulders. As Darren started to loosing weight, the fat in his chest area decreases. From this we want we want to increase the amount of muscle in that area. This way he can fill a shirt nicely and feel more confident.


Bench press on smith machine – 1 half rep, 1 full rep = 1x rep x 6×8 reps x 4 sets

Incline chest press – 10 reps x 3 sets

Cable flys – 3 sets 12-15 reps

Clean + press x 3 sets 10 reps

Seated db shoulder press – 10 reps + lateral raises 12 reps x 3 sets


Matt Says

We have been hitting the chest hard from all angles this month. Focusing on the upper mostly, but also doing flys on cables and flat bench press using dumbbells. As a trainer I prefer dumbbells for chest because is allows you better range of motion and more natural angle for the shoulders.


March was an exciting time in pop world, with the return of one of the cheesiest and much loved pop bands of my hey day – STEPS! I can still remember working the stage of any club that would let me in, dancing to the Almighty or Sleazesister’s remixes of Steps. So what better way to get through my March playlist but with Steps 🙂


This month I’ve been on a real mission to cut out the bread from my diet, bread will always be my down fall. Its odd because if I buy a loaf a bread its gone within 48hrs, as much as I try to control myself and fight it, its just too accessible for me. I’m not saying here that I want to cut out carbs, its just bread. The one big meal I rely on bread for is with scrambled eggs. So this month my friend Amie taught me how to cook an omelette. Now I know what you must be think, how are did he not know how to cook an omelette? Well like I’ve said before I’m really still in the stone age with cooking. But I really surprised myself, I used a low fat high protein cheese with it and it was a massive success. I just need to start experimenting with putting over foods in with it.



So I’ve been looking at a few of the online trainers recently to add to my routines, gone now are the time of fitness dvds ect as so many PTs post them for free on YouTube. So many of friends at work are following The Body Coach diets and work outs, but he’s not for me. Until one day I was ogling Alex Crockford. Ok so this guy is absolutely stunning its why I was drawn to him, but after doing a few of his at home sessions I’m really surprised how much I am enjoying them. At the end of the day Matt is always my main source of help and guidance, but when it comes to learning its good sometimes to look in different sources. But check this guy out Alex Crockford.


I am so happy with this, I finally think I’m in stride at the gym. I think more and more I continue with my running through April, my weight loss for April will be even better. Gggggrrrrrrr

To get more advice on food or fitness from Matt please email him.


Darren Goodwin

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