As iconic as the Star Wars cinematic universe is to fans, over the last nine years The Clone Wars and Rebels has earned it place alongside them. Here are my top 5 moments.

As Star Wars Day May 4th approaches I wanted to start the week of celebrations at Today I wanted to celebrate the legacy left by the animated shows, bridging the gap between the release of Revenge Of The Sith and The Force Awakens.

The Clone Wars series was set in the 3 years between Attack Of the Clones and Revenge Of The Sith, charting the battles of the famous Clone Wars. The series went on for 5 and half seasons before it was cancelled due to the Disney take over of Lucas Film.

Rebels rose from the ashes of the Clone Wars cancellation, set 5 years before A New Hope and leading up to the events of Rogue One. Rebels has run for 4 seasons, with season 4 being the final.

I can remember seeing the Clone Wars movie in the cinema, I thought I was going to hate it just because it was a cartoon. But 20 minutes into the film you forgot it was actually animated and got into the story. For some they have waited nearly 10 years for a new Star Wars film, but for me I have always had new Star Wars every year with these shows, and there is a generation now whose first Star Wars exposure was the Clone Wars.  So here are my Top 5 all time favourite moments from the two shows.

5 Anakin and Ashoka

Without doubt one of the biggest revelations for the animated shows was the introduction of Ashoka, Anakin’s apprentice. Its very clear from Attack Of the Clones to Revenge Of the Sith Anakin had no apprentice, and there is no mention of her in the original trilogy, so how does this fit. Believe me the brilliantly planned story arc told over the Clone Wars series gave good reason why she is not there, and also adds greatly to why Anakin fell to the dark side.

4 Kanan becomes the Force

The first season of Rebels showed the struggle of cowboy Jedi Kanan, escaping Order 66 as a Padawan Kanan struggled with his Jedi teachings trying to survive. This scene at the end of season saw Kanan believe in the force and take down the Inquisitor.

3 Ashoka confronts Vader

Season 2 of Rebels saw Ashoka return as one of the leaders of the rebellion. The minute this was announced the only thing I wanted to see was Ashoka Vs Vader, and they made you wait till the season finale to do so.

2 Maul hunts for Kenobi

Season 2 of Rebels also brought back Maul(formerly Darth). Season 3 brought Maul’s story to a final end on Tatooine, as Maul and Obi-Wan faced each other for the last time. A fitting end to such a great character.

1 Darth Sidious Vs Darth Maul and Savage

Everyone would know my favourite character is Darth Sidious – The Emperor and my most favourite ever moment was during season 5 of Clone Wars. The Night Sisters had restored Darth Maul and reuniting him with his brother Savage, the two posed a great threat to Sidious as the Sith rule of 2 was being broken and the great Sith Lord had to take them out.

” Remember the first and only reality of the Sith, there can only ever be 2, and you are no longer my apprentice! YOU HAVE BEEN REPLACED!”

Darren Goodwin

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