Day 3 of our road to our Star Wars day celebrations, I wanted to look at some  of the most awesome Star Wars games I’ve played. Have your light sabres ready.

Star Wars as a video game has success written all over it, from mobile phone games, MMOs and live PVP. Over the years I’ve played so many of them, but here are my favourites.

The Old Republic

I was so excited when this game was announced as I was a big fan of Warcraft, and this was the Star Wars version. Following on the events of the KOTOR series, I knew straight away what I wanted. I’ve been playing this off and on since its release, and its had its ups and downs trying to compete with WOW. I play a Sith Inquisitor which is basically the Emperor from the movies, I made him very gay looking with floppy hair toned body hehe.

Compared to so many MMO games, this one really holds a special place in my heart, due to the openly gay content within the game. As part of your character you decide and choose the destiny of the game, including who you have relationships with. I was so ecstatic when it was announced gay relationships were now part of this Star Wars universe. Right now my character is in a relationship with Theron, a hot navy lad who helps me rule the universe lol. If you haven’t already definitely give this a go.

The Force Unleashed

Force Unleashed was so exciting to play, I loved every minute of playing this. From the trailer you play Starkiller who is Vader’s secret apprentice. The game play was amazing and the story fitted so well just before the events of A New Hope.


Due to the films coming into the Star Wars universe, the Force Unleashed is no longer canon. But we look to the animated shows to bring the character of Starkiller back into canon.

This was also the first time I notice Sam Witer, who plays Starkiller in the game as well as voicing the Emperor. From this game Sam – a true Star Wars fan like us, went on to voice Maul and The Son in the animated shows. I can remember going to Star Wars celebration just to meet Sam, who was a delight 🙂


Knights Of The Old Republic

I can remember buying this game just because its Star Wars, I cant remember the 2nd Star Wars game I got with it, but I do remember trying to play it and thinking ” god this is shit”. The game was pretty much left for 3 months until one boring weekend in November I decided to give it another go. WOW I was balled over, once I got used to the mechanics of the game, I was amazed at how good it was. It wasn’t like playing a regular platform game or shoot em up, this game had an actual storyline.

The story Of Darth Revan sits right next to the Empire Strikes Back “I am your father” twist. You chose ur path as a dark or light side user, and even change the events of the game. I can remember playing the game over and over, especially as a female character just so Republic hero Carth O Nasi can fall in love with you, don’t judge he had a sexy voice lol.

What is next for the Star Wars gaming universe? One response – Battlefront 2!

Darren Goodwin

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