Robbie Amell is a hottie in his own right, and is becoming one of the biggest hunks on the CW Network. Here’s why Gggrrrr.

I’ve been planning this blog for a few weeks leading up to Heroes and Villains Fest London, where I knew I was due to meet this guy. It was originally going to be a double feature “Meeting The Amells” but unfortunately his hunky cousin and the star of Arrow Stephen Amell was fully booked. So today this is a solo adventure for The Flash’s Firestorm played by Robbie Amell.



What a gene pool the Amell’s have above pictured with his cousin Stephen Amell.

I remember first seeing this guy in a teen comedy called The Duff, where Amell played the stero typical high school jock that falls for the plain girl. I can remember at the time thinking he looked like a young Tom Cruise.

He later appeared as Firestorm in The DC shows The Flash ect. Amell had appeared as the lead in the CW reboot of The Tomorrow People which only lasted for a season.

So I was lucky enough to meet this guy at Heroes and Villain Fest a few weeks ago, and he was such a nice guy. I was a bit flustered when having my photo with him, I thought to myself was my hand too low on his waist? But he didn’t seem to mind.


But long may Robbie Amell’s career continue, here are a few of his hottest moments.


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