Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far in the UK, and I got burnt to a crisp sitting on Brighton Beach. I think summer is here people. But as spring ends and summer begins, I think its time to wrap up spring with a dating blog.

After a small break from dating I decided to start putting myself out there again, my last dating blog was in March so I gave myself a good amount time to take stock and have a look out there.

One thing that has change is I’m using Grindr again, after seeing my best friends recently in Leeds we had a great conversation about what apps we were using. Matt was using the new app launched by that guy from made in Chelsea, Simon is practically married so he doesn’t use one, and I had Scruff. A while ago I had some trouble with a few people in the Brighton area, it all got a bit nasty with a deranged 50yr old threatening me, its al done with now but it made me think “fuck this!”

But my BFF Matt did ask why I’m not using Grindr? I did explain the story, and gave my reasons why. But wonderfully Matt gave me a reality check about knowing myself and I’m so glad that I did. I’ve been back on a month and I’ve had some amazing sexual adventures.


Time has also been an issue lately for me, work is more busy as ever, and I think I’ve forward planned way to much recently. I’ve looked at my calendar for the next few weeks and I don’t have weekend free till the middle of July, and most of my evenings I’m with friends and going to the gym. I’m really putting in a big effort with my friends at the moment so I’m making sure my time is filled with seeing them. Especially the weekend just gone I had the most amazing time chilling on the beach. I wouldn’t want to change that, but how can I date if I’m always busy?


So what have I learnt since march, well that’s a question I really believe we should all ask ourselves every so often. We all get ourselves in a bad routine and like a goldfish swimming around the bowl constantly for the rest of our lives.

Listen to your friends?


I started to speak to a guy called Paul off Scruff, after chatting some more and especially after exchanging more pictures I suddenly recognised who it was. A year previous I had gone to the pub with my house mate Lee and saw this couple celebrating their anniversary in there. I can remember thinking at the time, the older gay guy of the couple was punching well above his weight with the younger twink. But Lee knew these guys and I left it at that.

Yes Paul was the younger guy of that couple, and to my dismay wasn’t that young, I must of been past the point of stone sober point of that day. I went and checked with Lee to make sure it was the same guy,  but he did say to me was I sure about him. It turned out Paul was still with his partner but they were “on the rocks”. But what annoys me is I let the chat move from horny sex chat to Paul telling me he had feelings for me ect. He even wanted to see me late on way home from work, just to give me a blow job at my front door, now that’s something that gets my attention. But the one thing I did ignore from my friends advice was a. he had a drinking problem b. he was a massive drama queen c. he has cheated repeatedly on hi s boyfriend.

We went out for a date, and the one thing I hate more than anything is someone not asking questions about myself. I spent the evening asking him about him, and after a while I just stopped talking so we sat there in silence for 5 minutes at time, I would look at him and he would look up me and squint his face like a mole. I had lost my hard on at this point. As we parted for evening I thought to myself I should of listened to Lee.


Size matters?


Who says size doesn’t matter? 99% of my friends would say it doesn’t but recently I discovered it really does. Before you jump to conclusion no we’re talking about willys here 🙂

I had a really awkward meet up with a guy called Ed who was 6ft4 which compared to me being 5ft10 is a bit of a difference. When we met up for our “date” it became apparent I would be looking up at him all night. I was a top and he was a bottom so in that part it worked well, it was just the mechanics we struggled with.

When we got down to it, this guy was amazing with everything, but when it came to fucking that’s where it went a bit wrong. After trying a few positions I just thought to myself “fuck sake he’s just too tall”. We tried every position possible but we weren’t reaching each other, and there is only so much fucking you can do stood on tiptoes. It all came to a stop when I fell through the box I was standing just so I can fuck him doggy. I knew after that, that the moment had gone. I didn’t see Ed again after that night, which was a shame because he was a really nice guy. At the end of the day I suppose when looking for a partner similar height is a must for me.

How would others like you, if you don’t like yourself?


Have you ever met someone who just thought the world was against them, everything they talked to you about was the smallest things – but seemed like the end of the world? I  went on a date with Alex recently, which was a weird experience.

As we talked and talked over dinner it became really apparent he enjoyed talking about himself, after previous experiences I just didn’t want there to be any awkward silences, so I just kept the conversation flowing. But the thing really put me off this guy was he hatred for the world we live in, society was not this guys friend if I was too believe the tales he was telling me. The topic of conversation seemed to remain on work talk, which was fine with me, I could talk a lot about my job and it is a topic I enjoy.

The next hour was him talking about how much he hated his job, how he keeps calling head office to complain, and threatening walk outs of work. This guy was no revolutionary, I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The one thing I have learned from my job is if you knuckle down and work hard, it pays off for you. Not doing the minimum like this guy then moaning to all the bosses because of it. He then went on to tell me his family stress, and it was at that point I thought “time to go” the date ended there. I went home and cheered myself up with 2 broke girls. And boy did I need it.



Back on the apps and the weird and wonderful messages are coming through. Here are some of favourites.


So yes I’m back in the game, always willing to try anything once! But I’m going to take this a lot more casually than I have been in the beginning of the year. Summer is here time for a bit of fun, if more happens that’s amazing. But its time to have fun people!

19146035_10154725145186239_2638991457724499647_nDarren Goodwin

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