GERI, GERI, GERI………………………….Queen Geri Halliwell returned to her pop roots this week, with her new single Angels In Chains – dedicated to the memory of George Michael. The comeback I’ve been waiting for years.

Everyone knows that Geri was always my favourite Spice Girl, not only that she helped me come to terms with being gay. So the news of new music is exactly what I’ve been waiting for, but is it the right time for Ginger to return?

During the Spice Girls to be she was always the Beyoncé of the group, before you scream out loud, I don’t mean the best singer. If you look back at photos of the group, she was always the member that stood out from the others. From the Union Jack dress and the rest of her garish wardrobe you could see her and hear her and mile off. I suppose in a group with four over domineering females it was the way to be.

Spice Girls

The day she did a “Robbie” and left the band, I couldn’t wait for her solo music. She released hit after hit, keeping with the Spice Girls formula she scored four number one singles. Solo wise she has done the best out of all the girls with chart topping music, but Melanie C has longevity. Mi Chico Latino, Bag it up and her camp cover of It’s Raining Men made her the most famous Spice during that time. All hail Queen Geri.


But after the birth of her daughter Geri took a back step from the pop world, having a much deserved rest and having time to herself. She did return to reunite with The Spice Girls for the reunion tour. But no new solo music, we don’t count her Australian single Half Of Me, because frankly its was appalling . So this comeback single is a big deal for Miss Halliwell, yes I know she is married now but Geri will always be Halliwell to me, sorry Mrs Horner 🙂


Angels In Chains was a beautiful tribute to the guy that saved her all those years ago as Geri left the Spice Girls – George Michael.  Its a great single and you can feel the full emotion of how Geri feels, so bravo girl you did good, I think George would of loved it.

This Saturday Geri returned to G-A-Y, where years ago I had my first London club trip to G-A-Y too see Geri! So I was absolutely gutted to miss her first appearance there in 12 years or so. Fuck that makes me very old. But I remember the good old days of G-A-Y when you got more than one week’s notice for acts 😦 But I did find a great video on YouTube which showcased it so I was happy. She performed a four song set which looked to go down a storm with crowd. But what is next for Geri?

Absolutely a new album would be amazing, but she has to get it right. A few months back some of Geri’s new material was leaked, which I sat down and listened to but I have my reservations if this is the sign of things to come. Don’t get me wrong they aren’t awful, but I would say its a different Geri. Are we ready for that? Can we as fans let her become a different artist?

I’ve read a lot of the comments from G-A-Y I would agree on one comment, the camp factor was missing. For an ultimate Geri Halliwell show I’d want to see is Geri belting out the big hits, a Spice Girls Medley and new stuff. Accompanied by half naked men dancing all over her. Think back to her solo performance at the Brit Awards, it would be amazing. But Geri is saying herself that she’d like to “get away from the hot pants girl”, and she has every right to. But do we want that?

If you look at comeback music Steps is a great example of that this year. There comeback single Alone In The Dark. Fantastic pop record, very steps but very 2017 and that’s what Geri needs to do.

But I will wait to see what her majesty releases, what ever it is I’ll be front row to buy it. Welcome back Geri.

Darren Goodwin

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