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That’s what I started to think when Kol was killed off for the 2nd time in The Originals in season 2, but I was so pleased when Nathaniel Buzolic returned to the role in season 3. Lets hope he is here to stay this time đŸ™‚

It’s no secret for my love of the Mikaelson family, I nearly gave up on The Vampire Diaries – then Klaus was introduced. Then in season 3 we met the rest of the family including Kol.

Dangerous Liaisons

I’ll be honest Kol in season 3 TVD was written as bit of a brat, and there was nothing sexy about that. There wasn’t a lot of development for the character, which is why it was an easy option for the show to kill off Kol. He was then resurrected by Esther but in a new body and actor, but then killed off again.

The 2 Kols


I was so happy when Kol was returned to life “again” and Nathaniel had returned to role – Happy Days.


Nathaniel is no stranger to getting his kit off, especially on his Instagram. The boy is cut and lean and bulging in all the right places.

A few weeks ago at the awful Insurgence 9, Nathaniel was the best thing of that weekend. I was glad to meet him and just say “I’m glad they have stopped killing you off”.


But here are some of his best bits.


Darren Goodwin

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