16th July 2017, today is the day the world is looking forward to the announcement of the 13th Doctor. Are we ready for the new era of Doctor Who?


As I sit here awaiting the end of the Men’s Tennis to finish for the announcement to come, I decided to watch some of the best episodes of series ten. As I sit here watching I do believe it is way too soon for Peter Capaldi to be handing the key over to someone else. Ever since the 50th anniversary special where we saw the first glimpse of the 12th Doctor, I really believed that show needed him.

Matt Smith was a fantastic 11th Doctor, but he shouldn’t of followed David Tennant as they were both young and dashing doctors. Like Steven Moffett quoted “its time for the doctor to snarl”. People say Peter Capaldi was bring the character back to William Hartnell, but for me it was more reminiscent of Jon Pertwee era, which I loved. Similar to the plan for Colin Baker’s story, the 12th Doctor started as a rude and awkward Doctor that over time peeled off different layers to become a great Doctor. Peter Capaldi is going way to soon!



After re watching the series 10 finale I reminded that as well as this being Peter Capaldi’s last series, it is also Steven Moffett’s last series as exec producer. Moffett will be handing the show to Broadchurch creator and writer Chris Chibnall. Its only at the end do we really see Steven’s brilliance in writing, I never liked his story arcs for Matt Smith, and could only cherry pick stories from Capaldi’s era. To be honest I’ve never forgiven Moffett for his Dalek stories, Asylum and The Magicians apprentice/witches familiar wrong wrong.

I’ve never watched Broadchurch so I’m only familiar with episodes of who and Torchwood he has written. I look forward to seeing the new change, good  bye Moffett thank you for Day of the Doctor.


IT’S A WOMAN! Oh my that wasn’t expected at all, Jodie Whittacker. I’ll be honest I know nothing about her. Who is she?


So I know she was Broadchurch, and that’s it really. There is a certain familiarity with this, Russell T Davies gave the role to David Tennant after working with him previously so this makes sense. I’ve got really mixed feelings about this, not in a negative way (before I get lynched by all my female friends). On the one hand turning The Master into  Missy was genius and probably the best thing Moffett did, on the other is it just happening because of calling for it?


I never got why there was a big thing for the female to play the Doctor, I always thought the biggest role in Doctor Who was the companion. After reading the comments a lot of people are praising this as a great role model for young girls, but haven’t we had that? Ok so the classic series isn’t a great example but Jo Grant saved the 3rd Doctor from Azal in the Daemons, Ace continuously saved the 7th Doctor so it got better. Look at the the revival series Rose saves the 9th Doctor from the Daleks and Autons, Martha saved the whole world from The Master, Donna Noble saved all realities from Davros. Amy Pond was a great independent woman, River was River and Clara saved all the Doctors as the impossible girl. The companion has the better role these days, they are the heroes.


I’m completely on board for a female doctor, I just hope that they continue with the role of the companion and there is no backlash if a male companion saves the Doctor? Presuming it is a male companion?

As far I’m concerned I’m more happy the show is continuing, the 13th Doctor is still the Doctor no matter sex or race or sexual orientation. But what adventures are in store for this Doctor, always remember 13th is an unlucky number.

Darren Goodwin

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