Summer is here, and I don’t know what has come over me but its really time to play. After speaking to so many of my close friends I’ve come to the decision that I’ve spent too much time trying to the find the “one” and I’m tired 😦 its time to have fun again. Why not? you only live once and I’m bored with so many bad first dates.



I met this hot Candian guy Jordan recently and we embarked on a little holiday romance, he was visiting Brighton from Montreal, and he came at the right time for me. After the statement I’ve just made about having fun, Jordan was just the person to help launch that.

We met each other off Grindr on the Sunday afternoon, I couldn’t believe how good looking for this guy was. I thought to myself “punching a bit Darren”, but we had such a great evening. We talked, made out and had a bit of banter which I absolutely enjoyed. I even broke my sleepover rule and let him stay the night, nothing like being woken up with a blow job from a hot guy is there?

He was visiting Brighton with his best friend for a few days until they headed to London for the weekend, so we had limited time to spend together. So as we spent the evening together Sun, Mon, Tues and Wed night, while his best friend was delighting himself with Ru Paul’s drag race.

Tuesday Night I cooked him dinner at mine, and that night we had the best sex of the week, which surprised me after the previous two nights. Darren was a very happy chappy at work that week

Thursday morning he headed to the train station and sent me a great leaving msg on Whats App:jordan

I’m not one for cam shows to be honest, I’ll all about connecting with hot guys like Lego. It was a great four nights but that’s all it was. Who knows Jordan may come back at some point. Who knows what is around the corner. But I look back at fondness for the dirty time we had.



Everyone has heard that story about a friend who was fucking their partner, then they screamed out someone else’s name before spunking. Recently I’ve had a few odd things being said during sex.

After a wild night out on a Saturday night I had a guy called Paul over, it was 3am I was drunk and horny so why not. He came over and it was straight down to it, after about 20minutes doing a “job” the guy yells out:

“I cant cum, I’m on anti depressants”

It’s not the most horny or romantic thing to hear with your mouthful, but even I know not to start a big meal if your not that hungry. With that I put his soldier back into the barracks and he left. LOL

I met David for a daytime date, he came over and we made dinner together and watch movies. We watched the first Avengers film at his request to have a Marvel day, which was cool for me. It was one of those first meets when everything goes well. We made out loads and it was a great, I had no complaints about anything. By the time we watched our 2nd film Civil War, things became a bit heated, in a good way. Like before as we got into the good stuff, he suddenly turned to me and said:

“You have a really analytical brain! Do you find you over think everything?”

What the fuck does that suppose to mean? At what point do you say to someone on a first meet? It’s definitely not the best time to be told when you have three fingers up his arse. With this I removed my digits and a conversation suddenly took over.  I wasn’t sure how to take the comment, I wasn’t upset but I was thinking more what have I done for him to think that.  He continued more:

“Do you find that you tend to make life more difficult for yourself?”


WTF, what is wrong with this guy. I then went on to stop the film and get dressed. He left shortly after and blocked me on all apps. I just don’t get it, what did I do?

I think sometimes when I read back my blogs maybe I do over think things, but is that a bad thing? Or is it my down fall? Any way that bloke was a dick! lol



After an adventurous weekend I woke up on Monday morning with a love bite on my neck! I’m in my mid 30s and I have a slag tag! After much ribbing from my adorable work mates I looked up how to get rid of it.

  • Making the affected area cold. …
  • Rubbing the hickey with a toothbrush. …
  • Applying heat in the affected area. …
  • Use toothpaste. ..
  • Use of a coin. …
  • Twisting cylindrical objects (e.g. pen caps) on the hickey. …
  • Massaging


Can I say after trying all this none of them fucking worked. Toothpaste made it less red, but made the bruise darker. Elaine suggested that I buy concealer, go into Boots at 8am and when no one co of no one sees me. I’m too manly to go into Boots and buy make up, its a no from me! For future reference I just need to remember don’t get slag tagged.

Darren Goodwin

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