Continuing on from remembering the my love of He-Man and She-Ra and the Masters Of The Universe, Sony has announced that “The Masters Of The Universe” movie will be released on December 18, 2019. But will it be what it needs to be?

This movie has been under production since 2014, that’s when the Charlie’s Angels director McGinty confirmed that he is directing a He-Man movie and the script was written by Jeff Wadlow, that was transferred to Christoper Yost and then it has finally landed in the hands of David Goyer who was part of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Series.

But its safe to say like Channing Tatum’s ever delayed Gambit X-Men, further in develop hell, He-Man has been delayed more and more. Which to be honest I would prefer it to be delayed and they get it right, instead of another disaster like the Dolph Lungren film.


I loved the 1987 movie, it was camp, badly acted and nothing like He-Man so it doesn’t register as the same universe to the cartoon. This was an absolute blessing, I remember being little and as a special treat I was allowed the video in my bedroom, with a special dinner to watch the film. But to compare it to the cartoon it was really bad.

Starring Swedish adonis Dolph Lundgren as the virtuous and heroic He-Man and genuinely respected actor Frank Langella as the villainous and power-mad Skeletor. Frank was the best thing about the film! We all know the love affair between Skeletor and He-Man, so what does Skeletor do when he has captured He-Man? He has whipped in front of him with sexual glee on his face.


It was still set on Eternia and still centered around Castle Greyskull, which was still overseen by the Sorceress — and Skeletor and his right-hand woman Evil-Lyn did still covet conquering it. He-Man did still fight alongside trusted warrior compatriots Man-at-Arms and his daughter Teela, and he did still wield the famed “Sword of Greyskull.” Skeletor did still have a skull for a face, and He-Man did still wear virtually nothing other than leather briefs, a small chest plate, and a red cape. And yes as I write this I am watching the film.


There were rumors that Kallen Lutz is going to play He-Man, he even tweeted that he had a very positive meeting with McGinity last year, but it looks like even his position as He-Man is not confirmed now. There are rumors that many A-Listers are trying to pounce on getting the sweet spot on the cast after they heard the David Goyer has been picked for writing the screenplay!


During the 3 years of production hell of this upcoming He-Man movie, there was a point when Justin Lin was involved, he had revealed that they want the audience to explore and feel the vibrant world of Eternia, and they don’t have any plans to bring the battle to Earth. Which was the biggest mistake for the 1987 film, there no was Prince Adam he was just He-Man, no Cringer which meant no Battle Cat, as well missing 80% of the character’s of the cartoon series. And only ONE!



They want this movie to be completely focused on the origin story of He-Man and the villains. In the original He-Man TV series nothing much was revealed about origins but the remake of He-Man via an animated TV series in the 2000s did a fantastic job in telling the origin story. They want this movie’s tone to be in between Star Wars and Guardians of the galaxy.

So this is what I want!


The villain needs to be Hordak and The Horde! Of course Skeletor needs to be in there, but you could have the first showing how he becomes Skeletor and becomes He-Man’s greatest enemy. Plus I love Hordak, but Hordak is so powerful compared to Skeletor, if you brought him at later films he runs the chance of making Skeletor less menacing and evil.

It has to be a young Prince Adam turning into He-Man, played by two actors and the conquences of keeping that secret. And Battle Cat has to be in it. I’m ok with him talking, but with advances in CGI it could be made really good. Make Orko a baddie to start, and give him a journey to become good.


It needs to be magical. Eternia is a rich world with magic and technology, but its the power of Greyskull which makes it so good.

I’m really hoping it does well and spawns sequels. I want to see Skeletor kill one of Prince Adam’s parents turning the character upside down. She-Ra should come in at the third sequel and fingers crossed her own movie!


So I’m asking a lot, but it can be done right. I hope you hear me Sony!

Darren Goodwin

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