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Tricia Helfer who is currently starring as Lucifer’s mother in Lucifer, was scheduled to appear at London Film and Comic, I was excited at the prospects of meeting her. But what would I say to the woman who brought sex appeal to the Cylons?

I had been planning London Film and Comic Con for 10 months, and with all great conventions the one thing that will always happen is that guests will cancel. But the one guest that I prayed and prayed did not was Tricia Helfer.


I was a massive fan of the original series when I was younger, it was billed as a TV version of Star Wars, and rewatching the original series brought back so many fond memories. The Cylons were great enemies for the human race. The iconic red eye and metallic voices still make them credible villains to todays standards. The reboot brought the Cylons upto date but this time they had taken human form, that’s where Tricia Helfer comes in as number six. She was a gay man’s wet dream, wearing the best heals and dresses on the show and always looking like she was fresh off the run way.

With so many of the characters of the original series rebooted, updated and gender changed I always had a theory about Six’s role in the original series. I’ve looked online and cant see anyone linking the characters, but to me they are the same.

In the original series Baltar knowingly betrays the 12 colonies to the Cylons so he could rule in their name. He is given a Basestar completely under his control to hunt down the survivors, then In walks Lucifer!

It must of been difficult for Baltar to have any sort of dialogue with the Cylon’s because they were just machines, similar to the Daleks from Doctor Who. So production wise it made sense in bring in a different Cylon, one with a higher brain function, that could have a better conversation with Baltar.


The story is a lot more different in the reboot. Six seduces Dr Baltar into unknowingly betraying the human race. Using all her sex appeal to do so. After the devastation of the attack on the colonies Six appeared as a figment of Baltar’s imagination moving his character development on through on the series. There were many copies of each Cylon model, allowing Helfer to spread her wings as an actress, something very rare from such roles.


I know what some hard core fans would say that they are completely two different characters, but to me they are the same. Its just for the new series they changed the tall camp Cylon dressed in red for a tall hot female Cylon dressed in red. Plus Lucifer in the original series didn’t try shed his robe for Baltar’s excitement. But look at it guys! Lucifer was the original character, and Tricia now plays Lucifer’s Mum n Lucifer! Too many Lucifer’s even I’m getting lost.

So this was my mission, I wanted to ask Tricia about the Lucifer links to the original series and were the dresses she wore designer? or specially tailored? I’m a gay man and those outfits were amazing. But for me she was best thing about Battlestar Galactica, it was only topped when they added Lucy Lawless as D’anna another Cylon – queue the 3 ways.


The day of the convention came and I saw the schedule, bollocks I thought as Tricia’s photo was the first of the day. Myself and my friends were travelling for a such a long time already we couldn’t get there on time. I really wanted this photo to go with this blog and for myself, its a big thing to meet these great American stars. So I was reading the tweets of the day to see if anyone had got selfies with her.

London Film and Comic Con was buzzing, we always go on a Sunday as the initial craziness of the weekend is over and its a bit more relaxed. The same day I had a lot of Doctor Who people to see, but my top billing was Tricia. I remember rehearsing in my head what I was going to say to her, and try to see if I can buy a selfie as I had missed the photo ops. It was looking good Tricia even tweeted me back which was amazing.


It wasn’t till late in the afternoon that I actually met Tricia, I was actually queued in Louise Jameson line when my friend commented that time was ticking on. I thought fuck it I need to make sure I meet Tricia first so I decided to head over asap. To my luck  there was no queue and I could just go straight over. Now was the moment of truth, could I buy a selfie. Hoooooooray I was good to go, and Tricia being wonderful said I shouldn’t have to pay, and she ushered me quickly to her to take the selfie.

The one thing I always regret when I meet these stars, is sometimes I get so nervous I end just talking at them non stop not giving them a chance to talk themselves. We spoke about the Battlestar of  course, and what she thought of the connection of Six with Lucifer from the original series. To her knowledge she wasn’t aware of a connection and Six was an original character, but as you have read above you can see that I truly believe they are same character.

I also told her how brilliant I thought she was in Lucifer the show. At this point I was way to nervous and thought instead of making more of a tit of myself to leave. But as I went to leave I stopped and turned back and said to her “we need to get you on Doctor Who! You would be perfect.” Tricia smiled and agreed.  I left with the biggest grin on my face, I was so pleased to meet her and she was brilliant.


As I wrote this blog I stated re watching the first season of Battlestar, and thinking the opening sequence of the show is still very iconic. With Six being the first Cylon we are introduced to leaves a big legacy in the show for Tricia, bigger I would say that Starbuck being a girl.

As the day ended the highlight of the day for me was meeting Tricia, what an amazing woman who loved her fans, and for myself to get my selfie which is currently my Facebook profile pic. I look forward to seeing Tricia more in season 3 of Lucifer

Darren Goodwin

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