Summer is here and everyone is down on the beach. But as the hot weather comes all we want to do is have fun. But its hard when your sticking to a routine.

Half way through the year with my gym challenge and i’m near the half way mark which I am so happy about. But I need to look at the last 6 months now and make sure I focus on my results.

I’ll be honest I wanted to set myself a goal to make sure I reach the half way mark on my gym goal. With Brighton Pride approaching and 6.5 weeks I wanted to lose a stone before the big event.


As much as I love my leg sessions, I’ve suddenly all into doing chest/arms/shoulders. I think a lot of people would say its quite intimidating going into a gym for the first time, its something I suffered with especially the weight room. Previously I would only to the weights room with Matt, but something snapped and I just thought fuck it I’m going in.

So I’m still haunted with the whole man boobs thing, so I really wanted to step up my chest workouts, and arms/shoulders. I just cant stop lol. I love the feeling of getting stronger, and lifting more weight. And yes I am rocking a vest at the gym now 🙂  It’s nice that after a 4 weeks now I’m seeing my upper body change shape. More more more!


Cardio is becoming a bane in my life at the moment, I don’t know why, I just dread having to do it. I have to by new trainers especially for running, so until I get them I’ve avoided the treadmill as I don’t want to give myself a injury. My cardio has been mainly bike and cross trainer.

During my sessions with Matt I asked him to do circuits with me so I could get some ideas of for cardio, its really difficult when you get stuck in a rut with these things.


My main mission over this time was to give up bread, omg this was so hard. I remember when I first started my weight loss journey I dropped bread from my diet, and the weight dropped off. I don’t mean I want to cut out carbs all together, its just bread is my demon. When your skint bread is so easy to eat, so finding alternatives is difficult.

So Ryvita and wraps came into my diet. I would use the wraps for my lunch to stuff with spinach and tomato with Chicken which is really working, and the Ryvita to go with my scrambled egg in the evenings.

So what did I lose, during 6.5 weeks of this deadline I lost 10lbs!!!!!!

I’m really happy with what I’ve achieved, its not the stone I wanted but it is close enough for me to be happy. It could of been a lot worse if I’d only lost a 2lb before I think it would of set me back.

Whats next? I’ve got 4 months left to try and complete my remaining weight goals, I’m excited because I’m more than half way there, but frustrated as well because I just want this to be over now lol.


Darren Goodwin

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