Brighton Pride 2017 has been and gone, but I am still feeling the effects of a very long weekend! Sorry that this blog is a bit late.

With a city like Brighton Pride is a massive deal, everyone comes out to play and to celebrate which is cool. Sometimes there is a lot of pressure for Pride to be this stellar weekend, amazing and out of this world. You can prepare as much as you like before but at the end of the day, only you can make the weekend.

The weekend started on the Friday for me, I had a works event I had organised so at least the weekend would start with a bang. After many previous years of Pride its easy to say I was in “party mode” as early as Thursday evening. This year I wanted to do it a bit differently, I wanted to make sure I saw my friends before “party mode” started.



It was a great evening, I got to hang out with Elaine which was great because previous years I would be too spangled to see her. Don’t get me wrong by 11pm I was very drunk, and we finished the evening the best way how, a Chinese.

To wake up on the Saturday was a great feeling, yes I was extremely hung over but I did feel extremely fresh compared to previous years. I had made some plans for pride this year for the Saturday, but left the plans there. Where I live was right in the middle of the Pride street party, so about 2ish myself and Lee ventured out to see the gays in the streets. But I don’t think the sun was on our side this year, the skies were grey and sort of apocalyptic as suddenly the rain started. It was so convenient that we lived 30secs away as we could hide from the showers.


I was really sad this day, everything around me was happy and joyful  but the one day I should of been proud and happy I was sad. I kept thinking back to last year and all the fun I had, especially because Gareth was still with us, and he stayed over for a few days. Its really weird when it was his bday I wasn’t as upset as I was on this day. I had too many flashbacks to happier times, and I just cried my eyes out. I will always remember last year at Pride, it was one of the last times I really saw Gareth happy.

13934961_10153845171751239_7384444627171547028_nAs the rain poured we took shelter back at home, Shannen and Amber joined us as well as their friend Holly. It was great to have the girls around myself at my saddest time that day, they lifted my spirits so much I was ready to go back onto the street party.

As the rain stopped and the people took to the streets I really started to enjoy myself at last, I really think after a club light year I think I’m really out of touch with how the kids are dancing these days. The best moments was watching Holly dancing on top of a bus stop before Police got her down, or be caught by Hollyoaks actor Andrew Hayden Smith as I was stealthily trying to have a sniff of him. Yeah not so stealth like Darren. I stayed at the street party till about 9pm but I really wanted to get home to get ready for going out. Emilien had got me tickets to the local club Revenge and I really needed a good shower before I head there.



Revenge was rammed that night, so many strangers visiting, so many guys looking for a dick to ride. By this point yes I was in “party mode” and I think after the day I had I deserved this. I felt really good about myself after the weight loss and I looked good to.

I met Emilien and his friends in Revenge and it wasn’t long till I snared my first guy that night. He was hot, came from Southampton visiting for the weekend. I stayed in Revenge till about 2am then I went home, guy in tow. People talk about their mad adventures at Pride weekend and talk about that one really hot guy, that guy that made you feel so hot I can still remember it clearly now. One thing I will say about this guy, he looked extremely hot in a jock strap. After 5 hours I was knackered, and he had to leave. Other things happened with this guy, but today I’m keeping that to myself. We haven’t been in contact since, sometimes it better to leave the holiday fuck, just a holiday fuck.

Not sure what it was about this Pride, but I had a few 3ways this year? Maybe there was something in the air that weekend? But it didn’t come without its problems. One occasion I met these two guys and in all fairness I only liked one of the pair, so I decided to stop the party and leave as it wasn’t fair to the other guy. Then myself and a guy I met invited someone to join, but the reverse happened and the two guys preferred each other. So to stop myself feeling left out I thought I should stop this. I’m not even going to go into detail about the 4 way, enough said I think. But I really really sewed my wild oats that weekend, so much so I’m really don’t want anyone touching my willy for a while. But isn’t that what Pride is about?


As Pride ended for me Wednesday morning, after so many parties I was in bed for 2 days just catching up with sleep. But I look back with mixed feelings, I think remembering Gareth really hit me hard, something I was not prepared for. “Party mode” was a great escape from that, and I did have fun but maybe I should of dealt with it better. Next year I might go away and miss it all together, I don’t think I will be said every year, but some space from it might be needed.

Darren Goodwin

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