It seems like only yesterday the world was taken over by Vampires, but 10 years ago with Twilight, The Vampire Diaries and a ton of over vampire related shows. The one thing all of them have in common, the hunky werewolves. In comes Joe in Tru Blood.


Tru Blood was an amazing show, it had already had two really successful seasons before bringing in the wolves. Compared to all the other werewolves that surfaced, Alcide won it for me. I hadn’t seen any of Joe Manganiello’s previous work, so this hunk was fresh out of the box for me. He was rough, smooth, bulging and fucking hot. He kept me watching Tru Blood till the end.

DSCSCTG54R3E21Joe-Manganiello-in-True-Blood-episode-5_11-06joe manganiello shirtless true bloodjoe-manganiello-alcide-true-blood-alcide-killed-off-joe-manganiello-teases-his-death-jpeg-93322WEQSYTRFEWtgrewo-JOE-MANGANIELLO-TRUE-BLOOD-facebook



It wasn’t long till this hunky guy made it into the movies, and what better film for me to start with, but the stripper movie Magic Mike. Don’t get me wrong it was all good to see Joe semi naked dancing but he did lack some of the gggggggrrrrrr in Tru Blood. But its ok, he made up for it.

htjfghjmbvgcxJoe-Manganiello-Magic-Mike-Magic-Mike-XXL10.21_ 2878.NEFgiphy

But the best scene was during the 2nd film Magic Mike XXL


I challenge anyone reading this that this guy isn’t hot, which makes him a perfect edition to the Manwatch series.

Coming up Joe has snagged himself a role in the new DC Batman film, so more hot manliness coming. Whatever he does please please please, don’t lose the gggggggrrrrrrrrrr.

137_5719Joe Manganiello Shirtless in South Beach54a709028e51a_-_elle-joe-manganiello-de120883_max-620x6007785215e4c31bff92e07a1a8ea2da197article-2517802-19D2836F00000578-142_306x423blogdicultura_c4ca4238a0b923820dcc509a6f75849b2GBDFZCHJGFHjoe-manganiello-shirtless-people-07182014-04-675x900oriente20_1d0c8a47750a0c16ddd6a618cc6e1b33

Darren Goodwin


  1. Sweet jesus YES . My absolute dream of a man. Can you imagine what’s under those trunks? The grrrrr he brought to True Blood kept me watching till the end too mate. Absolutely A grade specimen of a man!

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