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Summer is over and a new season is beginning on the Darren show! But at the moment I’m just not feeling the dating thing. Dating slump or needed break?

Yes the cold weather has arrived, and a new season starts for us all. I say that in early September, as its starting to get dark earlier and it is raining a lot. Like many great TV shows out there, the season finale ended beginning of Summer. Mine ended with Pride and what an explosive ending that was.

Its strange half way through the year officially is July, but like the academic year we see September as a midway point. And definitely as I write this I see this a good time to reflect.


I cant believe sometimes when I look at what I’ve done with this blog, I cant believe that it’s nearly a year old!  I want to be able continue with this, my dating blog seems to get a lot of reaction the same as the Gym blog. I just wish I got better at the geek side of the blog, I have some great ideas coming up with this.



I don’t want to go into too much detail here as I will have a gym blog out next week, but today I had one of the best weigh ins I’ve had this year. The one thing that has grown as I’ve lost weight is my confidence to try more things. Beginning of the year I would hardly go into the weights room without Matt my trainer, now I’m in a vest working my chest arms and shoulders.



This would be about the time I would be writing a dating blog, but after Pride I just needed a break from guys touching my willy, but now a month later I’m struggling to get back into it.

Was I too long out of the game? Has the dating world moved on? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sitting on the dock of the bay like Sandy in Grease thinking of summer loving had me a blast. Looking over my activity recently I think the problem I have is with Grindr, its Brutal and sometimes I just cant be dealing with the pricks that I deal with on there.


I’ve not had the best luck with this app, and like many others dip in and out of it. I avoided it for 4 months last year due to a troll sending abuse, sometimes you think to yourself “all this for a quick blow job?”. But ever since I came back to it its not really enriched my life like I thought it would. Even though it was very handy to have over Pride 🙂

I remember the mental anguish Grindr gave my friend Gareth when he was alive. It becomes a game, someone says your hot and you just want the next guy to say the same. Rejection comes part and parcel with dating but it is magnified on grindr. When you message someone and send pics, and you get no reply back, it kills you sometimes. You need a thick skin in this game, but sometimes you can’t help but feel it.


I came across a site called Time Well Spent, who conducted a survey on apps that made people unhappy and negative impact on their lives. And no surprises Grindr was number one on that list, but sometimes its an addiction that we just cant stop. But this says it all for me, I have a problem with this app and so does a lot of other people.


Sorry Grindr, its not you its me! No wait, it is fucking you. So from this I’m just going to have break for a bit, maybe bring it back to basics and see how it goes. I spoke to my friend Dan recently and said that maybe its time to get back on the town and start meeting more people in the flesh, instead of talking to a profile picture?

It would be stupid of me to sit here talking you and saying I will never go on Grindr again, because at some point I’m going to be horny and need something quick. But I just need a break from all the bullshit you get from people, endless shopping lists of what people want to do when they meet. Fuck sake what happened to going for a drink and seeing where it goes? Will I ever meet my Thor?


So that’s me gearing up for the new season! I’ve met some fantastic people this year, am looking forward to so many adventures with them. Its as I write this I suddenly realise my life is not empty, and I have big things coming up. Exciting

Darren Goodwin

To see more from Time Well Spent please go to

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