Everyone should remember their first celebrity crush? When I was younger I remember thinking some of the Baywatch and Hollyoaks guys were hot. BUT the first hunk I was IN LOVE WITH…….was David Boreanaz.

Of course it was his break through role as Angel in Buffy The Vampire Slayer that captured my heart, as well the world. I think we all wanted to be Buffy as her and Angel fell in love.


Angel was a tortured vampire with a soul, trying to redeem himself by fighting evil. Angel went on to have a very successful spin off, where the mission statement continued in L.A. David was not shy with whipping the top off, but the best scene ever was when Angel returned from Hell in season 3 completely naked showing off the curve of his buns.


After Buffy and Angel, David went on to star in a few small films, but his major thing has been a starring role in Bones which has lasted more than ten seasons. But he will always be Angel to me, so its hard to even see him in anything else.

I saw him pop up recently in Family Guy and thought to myself wow he’s a bit older 🙂 But still hot though. So what better person to add to Manwatch.


Darren Goodwin


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