2002 saw the launch of Girls Aloud! Nicola, Sarah, Kimberly, Cheryl and Nadine hit the dance floors, flicking hair and belting out hits. Now years on Nadine is going solo.

Go to Work is the new single from Nadine Coyle, her first release since the Girls Aloud Greatest Hits tour. Its an upbeat pop song that the dance floor has been waiting for, but do people still want to hear from the Irish pop star?


As the Spice Girl’s headed into their solo projects there was a massive void of girl power on the pop scene. Many girl groups were formed to fill that void, but it was the winners of Popstars The Rivals that broke through. Girls Aloud were a breath of fresh air to me, too many girl groups before were too gimmicky, Girls Aloud got it just right. Girls Aloud along with Will Young, proved that a reality show pop act could really stand the test of time. You have to remember Girls Aloud came before the X Factor acts, but lasted longer than any of them.

I loved Girl’s Aloud, to me they were a mix of pop heaven, and they danced like Britney. I can remember back in the day going to see them perform in G-A-Y in London. I always looked out for Nadine whilst they were performing, she was the Irish one with “the legs”, that was her thing. What made me laugh about her was did anyone know what she was talking about half the time? Her thick Derry accent made it impossible to understand her sometimes lol.


Like all bands the girls went their separate ways and solo careers took their course, but this isn’t the first time Nadine has released solo music. It was Cheryl that dominated the charts as the “Robbie” of the band, but in 2010 Nadine released her first solo single Insatiable to mixed reactions. I liked it, it suited her voice and she performed it well. But she was always up against Cheryl who was releasing music around the same time. When Cheryl was number one, Nadine was twenty six, she just couldn’t compete with Cheryl. I had images of her scrawling all over pictures of Cheryl like in The Shinning.


Now she’s back 6 years later with her 2nd album ready to take on the pop world, what does she have to do to make it a success?


She needs to do a lot of live performances, we all know that Nadine has a life in the US and will probably be jumping back and forth. Already she has done a few live gigs and TV shows, but she needs to keep on that and build up. G-A-Y is calling and its such a shame I’m going to miss it.



A good remix is needed, there is nothing like a good high energy remix to get the gays on the dance floor. I remember back in the day it was always a good Almighty or Sleaze sisters remix that made me buy the single, sometimes a bad song can be turned into a massive club banger with the right remix.


Limit the talk about Girls Aloud. I’ve been reading some of the interviews with Nadine, and Journalists are very keen for her to spill the beans on life with Girls Aloud. I completely understand that she is being truthful, but compared to the other girls who have said very little about cat fights and tantrums, Nadine has gone for it.

At the end of the day Nadine has a single and album she needs to promote I get that, but it looks a bit sour on her part lifting the lid on Girls Aloud. Girls Aloud has such great memories for me, they were so animated and positive and fun, I don’t want to know that was all an act. So come on girl talk about you moving forward, not looking back.



If Go To Work is anything to go by Nadine is sticking to her pop roots, and that’s the best place for her. If she tries to be a Mariah or Whitney then she’s doomed to fail.  Pop is where she’s at, and she does it well. Plus some hot half naked male dancers help a lot too my dear.


But fingers crossed she gets a proper chance to prove herself, especially with no other members of Girls Aloud releasing music. Lets see what the album delivers to us.

Darren Goodwin

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