Nine months into my massive fitness journey of 2017, I was a bit worried that I was going to fail my five stone target. With three months remaining I really need to look at my goals and think of what I will achieve this year, not what I wouldn’t complete. I’ve had such a good gym month this month, I’m so excited to be sharing this with you all.

Through out the month I’ve been really pushing myself to up my gym usage. I go at least six days a week, with 3-4 of those days being doubles.  The main focus is still to really build up my upper body, loose the man tits and have a more defined upper body. So this month especially Matt has helped me stick to my program and introducing new work outs for it.


I was also very lucky this month to win an Instagram competition from Alex Crockford, I’ve used some of his home work out videos before, and so happy to win this. My prize was a free 12 week program from his website Here. I chose the #Gymfit program to give me a few new ideas, and as well look at the diet options that go with it. As we move forward into the next few months I’ll update you with my progress.


Not a lot has changed since my last blog regarding what I’m loving, I’m still obsessed on making my shoulders bigger and my arms. Matt reminded me that I need to make sure I rest enough to feel the benefits of my hard work. But I like I can start seeing the results now, so I’m more motivated than ever to complete this.

Lately I’ve been looking at my bum in the mirror lately, not in a pervy way lol. Shannen said to me recently my bum is a getting peachy at the moment, so I wanted to have a look for myself. Being at my biggest I’ve always lived with the fact that I had a horrible bum, it was just fat and had no shape at all apart from being connected to my back fat. Over the last two months I’ve eased off from doing my leg exercise, so I wanted to get back on that this month – especially exercises that would shape my bum. Here comes the squats!


Cardio is always going to be something I’d rather not do, but alas we just have to get on with it. At the moment I’ve got some great mega mixes that allow me to storm through it, like Britney and Girls Aloud this month.


If like me sometimes to make sure you have the correct stuff at home to eat, costs you more than the bad stuff, lets face it that’s why the bad stuff is so cheap. This month I placed an order for meat from The best way to describe it, think Tesco online, but for people that are bulking out or losing weight. The only difference is, its a lot cheaper! So I’ve packed out my freezer with Chicken breast so at least I know I wont run out by the end of the month.

The one thing I looked at recently was buying protein bars. To get enough to the last the month roughly cost £40, if you can get a good deal from Amazon. Depending on the month, that is a lot of money to invest in a pre work out snack. I already have protein shakes, and now a lot of chicken for protein, so I’ve decided to skip the protein bars until the new the new year.

How much yogurt do you eat as part of your diet? At the moment I eat a lot of the stuff, I discovered the Morrisons do a very cheap, low sugar, high protein yogurt for 55p big pot. It helps me with mid afternoon snacks, or even when I wake up at night hungry.

Next month I will be trying some of the Alex Crockford recipes, something I’m looking forward to.

So in the last 4 weeks I have lost 10lbs which I am so happy about, its probably my best weight loss this year so far. I think I have finally have the great balance for diet and gym, so am really looking forward to seeing what I am on my next weigh in!

Darren Goodwin


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