Jason Lewis in my opinion was Samantha Jones’ best looking fuck in SATC, and was great to have him come back into my life recently. The perfect candidate for Manwatch!

I’m watching a great new show at the moment called Midnight Texas, based on the novels by Charlene Harris who wrote Tru Blood, this show had my name all over it. What a great surprise to see the Sex And The City hunk Jason Lewis, which took me back to those days when he was always naked!

In Midnight Texas Jason plays a fallen Angel who must rally the other supernatural inhabitants, to battle the rising demon. True to form with his SATC role its great to see him strip down as he grows his Angel wings. If you haven’t seen Midnight Texas, then its definitely worth a watch.


But we all remember him as Smith from SATC, he joined the show in season 6 as the hunk that finally tamed Samantha Jones’ heart. What a specimen they chose, I can remember thinking this guy is so hot – maybe because of his hair. Then he shaved it all off and he was even hotter!

We all remember the famous sex scene he had with Samantha, and all the nakedness he had!

tumblr_o3853ahXXl1r9sup8o2_540BFHVCXjason lewis nude sex and the cityJason-Lewis-bulgeJason-Lewis-shirtlessjason lewis nude sex and the cityanigif_original-grid-image-8311-1421939389-4135da4e123d5397bf7336f4be4bd94bd98a97eda7a2da42e87414f036ca823ce_largejason lewis nude sex and the cityjason lewis nude sex and the cityuntitled

Since SATC Jason has starred in several other shows like Charmed, and had small roles in some films. But its been great to have his naked self back on TV. I hope Midnight Texas does well so we can see more of him!

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Darren Goodwin

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