I can’t believe when I read this, Kevin Sorbo star of the homo erotic series Hercules speaking at an anti lgbt values summit! There is a small part of me that’s upset for my 15 year old self right now ūüė¶

After Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles but before Buffy The Vampire Slayer, there was Hercules! The mighty demi god brought me back to TV at an age where I was accepting my sexuality, so Hercules with his god like body got me hooked. Hercules was joined my his faithful side kick Iolaus, and together a great on screen partnership came to life. To be honest one of the first I remember taking notice of it, possibly because how gay it was.


Let me just say now, Kevin Sorbo is free to believe anything he wants. He has also been very public about his Christian values in the media, and already faced backlash for his comments made a few years ago about the Jewish community. I am just reacting to reading the news about this. The event which is being held in October in the US, an event that also has President Trump of all people attending and speaking Рsays it all. According to the website it says about the organisation:

“Values Voter Summit was created in 2006 to provide a forum to help inform and mobilize citizens across America to preserve the bedrock values of traditional marriage, religious liberty, sanctity of life and limited government that make our nation strong. It has drawn over 3,000 plus attendees from around the nation and foreign countries. Garnering national and international media attention, CNN has called it “one of the top 10 political events of the year” and “one of the conservative movement’s marquee annual events.”¬† Sean Hannity called it “the premier conservative event now in the country.”


So lets look at this relationship, maybe its me seeing it as homo erotic? Iolaus is the smaller guy, blond hair, tight butt and dressed in drag – obviously the bottom of the relationship. Compared to Hercules 6 foot plus, hairy, dominate – an obvious daddy top. The two of them roam the land as “partners” saving people from the spite of the wicked Gods of Olympus. Every time Iolaus died Hercules travelled to the Underworld and through their “bond” brought him back into his arms. When they would¬†hang out they stripped down¬†to their sweaty bodies, and just¬†roll around pretend fighting. Hercules¬†would always be¬†the winner, pinning the blond bottom down. Hmmmm sounds very familiar.

The show itself wasn’t so in your face gay, but it had its undertones like many shows did. Compared to its sister show Xena, who embraced the gay audience and featured LGBT characters, Hercules seemed to be lacking. Looking at the launch of Xena and how quickly it became more popular than Hercules, could be the support of the LGBT fans watching, and investing more in Xena’s storyline who knows? I just cant see Lucy Lawless attending such an event.


I just think someone who has been in such a show, knowing the lgbt following it has – had, why would you publically be part of such a summit? Is it just a failing actor trying to hit the headlines? I don’t think so as Sorbo seems to be very busy lately, even showing up for a few episodes of Supergirl. For me being that 15 year old learning who I am, I loved¬†Hercules and¬†gives me happy memories when I wanted to escape.¬†It just puts a dampener on that time now.

Darren Goodwin


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