Sometimes you get yourself in such a gym rut you just don’t know how to motivate your ass, that’s where I am a month later from my really good month in September. A lot of people would think its just about going to the gym, but I say its all about the passion and determination to go. I’m not saying I’ve lost my drive or passion, but this month I’ve hit a few bumps in my journey where I’ve thought what’s the point?

Do the scales the lie? I think we ask each other this every time we get onto the scales and we don’t get the results we want to see.  Over the last 2 weeks I’ve been really coming down on myself, because I seem to have put on 5kg over this time! That is impossible to do. I’ve kept a really strict diet and last week went to the gym 11 times! What is going wrong? After speaking to my trainer Matt, as well as my GP I think I need to stop weighing myself so often. The anxiety I get from it is not worth all this shit, what I forget is my upper body has more doubled with muscle as well as my arms and legs. Even when I look in the mirror I can see my stomach is getting smaller. So what can I do going forward? I’ve decided to start measuring myself instead, as I can see better results then how much I weigh. Lets see how I get on with this over the next month.

A few months ago I decided it was time to step up my cardio, and I wanted to start running more at the gym. Everything before that I was basically switching between cross trainer and bike, but I remember back at the beginning of this journey it was running that got me to shred the most fat. But the trainers I had we’re too shit, they didn’t support my feet and after 10mins I could feel the pressure on my knees, so it was time for a shopping trip. 

There is a little home run business in Brighton called The Jog Shop, its a little gem tucked away on George Street. I went in and said I wanted new trainers to start running with, and straight away the guy knew what the problem was. “You put too much pressure on your right foot!” he told me, and I’m not joking he knew this within 10 seconds of me entering the shop. He then went into the stock room and produced about 8 pairs of trainers for me to try on.

I’d been to Sports Direct and JD Sports recently to try and find trainers, to be honest I wanted to cut costs and get something in a sale or just cheap. What makes me laugh about Sports Direct, everything is reduced from £1000 to £45. Matt thinks that they just make it up, how does a store like Sports Direct make so much money if everything is reduced like this?

After speaking to the staff, who didn’t seem to know the products they were selling which astounded me. I wasn’t comfortable paying £60 for shoes that possibly wouldn’t support me leading to have an injury, so that’s why I went to the Jog Shop. I chose the red pair you can see above here, and all week I have finally been able to go running. I would really recommend anyone thinking of buying a new pair of running trainers in Brighton to check them out here.


I’m enjoying doing more legs at the moment, but trying to get away from the machines. I’m really enjoying getting a 40kg weight on my shoulders and squatting for 12 reps for 4 rounds. I’ve come to the conclusion that if my legs aren’t hurting for 2 days after a good leg session then I didn’t work hard enough! Even when I do leg extensions with the machine, I always follow that with squats and super set the 2.

I’m still very much enjoying my shoulders/chest work outs, I love that feeling when you look at yourself in the mirror and you can see your results looking back at you.  Now that my shoulders and arms have more definition, its really important that my diet and cardio is on track. I look down on my chest and can see the fat pockets reducing, so I need to make sure that keeps up.


I’m really missing having a gym buddy at the moment, in the mornings I’m fine by myself cause for half of the session I’m still asleep. If I go again in the evenings, its so busy in there it can become quite isolating for you. A few months ago I used to go to the gym with a few different people including my friends Shannen and David. But David quit the gym and Shannen is doing different work outs to myself.

Its strange because I’ve spoken to some gays on dating apps about becoming gym buddies, you see these hot profile pics ect that say mates or gym buddies. However the conversation goes it always seems to head to you both waving your dicks at each other in the changing rooms after, and that’s not really my thing.

Darren Goodwin

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