Constantine is coming back and he’s going to be the “chain-smoking bisexual he should be, of course I’m all over this!!!!!

I’m a massive Supernatural fan, not just the CW show but the genre in general. When it was announced that there was to be a Constantine TV series I was really intrigued by it, I had heard of the character but never really knew anything about it, apart from he was a comic book hero that dealt with demons. We are in a time now where we can be scared watching TV, shows like Supernatural and American Horror Story do this very well so I had very high hopes for this series. Then the trailer landed and I was basically cumming in my pants.

To prepare myself for the series I looked into the character from the DC comics, I saw that this isn’t the first screen outing for the character, enter the bad Keanu Reeves film. It honestly took me a few goes to watch this film, it was so bad and it didn’t take from the rich history this character has. So I like many fans just forgot that existed.


The pilot was a great, and the series that followed really corrected the wrongs made by the film, it just needed more time to find its feet. But alas these days shows are cancelled way before they get a chance to be great, and this show had potential to be as good as Supernatural. But alas NBC cancelled it after 12 episodes.


The one thing NBC purposely stepped away from was the character’s sexuality. Constantine’s executive producer Daniel Cerone’s view on the character back in 2014 were very set in stone about what it wasn’t going to be, when he said any plans to explore the detective’s sexuality would happen way into the future.

 “Within three decades [of comics] there might have been one or two issues where he’s seen getting out of bed with a man,”

“So [maybe we will do it] 20 years from now? But there are no immediate plans.” Cerone said.

But this wouldn’t be the end for our hero, thanks to a green archer.


I was really lucky to meet Matt Ryan this year at Heroes and Villains in London, and even he is bemused that his series was cancelled so quickly. He loves the fact that his version of the character has become a firm favourite with the fans out there.

We even have Stephen Amell (Green Arrow) to thank for bringing the character back into DCTV, in season 4 of Arrow Constantine made a guest appearance, where he joined the Arrow team to help exorcise Sarah Lance. It was really great to see Matt play the character again, and he certainly hadn’t lost any of the character’s swagger.


After that episode every Constantine fan was bombarding The CW network to take on the series and bring it back to TV. But it was very down played by all concerned that this was to be the case, until now 🙂

Constantine will finally get to see a truer version of the DC character, when he’s brought back from the proverbial dead for a guest appearance in an upcoming Legends of Tomorrow episode, which takes place in the same universe as Constantine and Arrow.

This is absolutely brilliant, for sure the Legends will probably have some supernatural threat that they need Constantine’s help for. He also has a massive connection to Sarah Lance(White Canary), so to see the aftermath of that is going to be good to see on screen.


After the NBC’s view on his sexuality the CW isn’t afraid of going down the bisexual route;

“As for Constantine, we knew that an alienated, chain-smoking, bisexual, world-weary demonologist would feel right at home among our Legends,” producer Phil Klemmer told the Hollywood Reporter.

But it doesn’t stop there for Constantine, the CW is bringing us another series – an animated one. Ok so its not the live action series we wanted but its keeping the character on screen and its voiced by Matt Ryan so its better than nothing. I’m really looking forward to the future of this character in whatever form he takes, but please let him be played by Matt Ryan.

Darren Goodwin

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