God like Zac Efon turns 30 today! Can you believe it? But what better day to celebrate Zac – naked 🙂

My two favourite films for naked Zac were Dirty Grandpa and Baywatch, and you will be able to see why lol

From the success of Bad Neighbours Zac was getting a lot of comedy roles, and Bad Grandpa was the best. The best scene was Zac high on crack in a bee thong thrusting in every direction. I believe this is going to be the nearest we get to Zac porn, so I’ll take that lol.

I remember the elements of Baywatch from when I was younger, obviously The Hoff and Pamela Anderson, but it was also hot guys in red shorts running up the beach. At the time my man crush was Jaason Simmons! When it was announced Zac would star in the movie, I was sold already 🙂 The movie was terrible but Zac was looking great.

Happy Birthday Zac, please don’t stop getting naked for us x x x


Zac Efron Shows Off His Incredible Physique As He Works Out On An Obstacle Course While Filming Scenes For Baywatch In Miami
March 8, 2016: Zac Efron shows off his incredible physique as he works out on a obstacle course while filming scenes for the movie Baywatch in Miami Beach, Florida. Mandatory Credit: Ref: infusmi-13


zac-efron-diet-3916-620x413DARREN GOODWIN











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