After the success of such supernatural franchises like Underworld, in 2006 we were presented with The Covenant. But was is a cult hit or cult miss?

As its Halloween its that time to dress up as ghouls and ghosts, well for most gays gives them a chance to look even more of an opportunity to be slutty for the weekend. Alas not myself at this spooky time of year, I’ve decided to stay in and watch scary movies and nurse the hang over I have from the night before. Then I thought I want some good guy candy to watch on this night in by myself, so I went to an old favourite – The Covenant.

I say old favourite but I haven’t watched the film in years, but it did always hold a special place, purely because of the hot guys in it. But as I watched it again I begin to think, did the film makers have a potential hit on their hands? The idea just wasn’t executed in the right way to make it a success.


So lets look at the film, 4 hot guy witches attend university and spend their days partying and being hot guys. But as the hottest guy Caleb’s 18th birthday approaches, the covenant prepare for him to ascend and gain great power. That’s until a long lost 5th hot guy witch comes to town and wants to take all the power for himself. Guy on guy fighting with magic – THE END. So as a story it has some merit, alas what lets it down is the platform it was presented to us.


The film stars unknown hunks at the time Steven Strait, Sebastian Stan(Bucky Barns – Winter Soldier), Taylor Kitsch(Gambit – Xmen), Toby Hemingway(Black Swan) and Chase Crawford(Gossip Girl). The director did the right thing at the time not to cast known actors, as all the characters had to appear equal. Its that same story the minute you put one of these pre Madonna’s higher than the other, it would turn into a bitch fest like the Sex and the City set. But the problem is they give such a wooden performance you cant really connect with them as characters. Thank god for the abs and tight Speedos.


The film does have a great look and feel, very dark and up lit, just like the Underworld films. The film’s pace is a bit all over the place, but I think the end battle balances the film perfectly. The special effects are great, but to be honest I wanted more lightning bolts and fire. The film spent too long setting up the characters before really getting a good idea of the plot. Perhaps if there was a sequel they could of really built on what they had already had from the first film. The film wasn’t a flop, it just wasn’t a huge success.


Is this completely dead in the water? If I was in charge of this franchise I would definitely put this on TV as a series. Imagine putting this on The CW in the same format as The Vampire diaries and Supernatural, the gays and the girls will flock to it.

The casting from the film was correct they had the right looking hunks at the forefront which was the draw originally. Storyline wise we could really expand on the mythology of the sons of Ipswich, bring in more of each guy’s families, elders to the coven. You could probably build a few seasons around that story. I’d make one of the characters gay, and bring in several strong female characters in to even the mix.


The villain of the film is the thought dead 5th son of Ipswich, which we can keep as the big bad of season 1,  you could make into a full time cast member in season 2. You can have him as a “Spike like” character that is forced to help the other 4, but would betray them in an instance. But in the supernatural world that The Covenant lives exists in there could be a whole array of demons and spirits that could be the big bad each season, as well as bringing a civil war into the 5 guys. So much potential.


As the film finishes I stand by what I said, this film had so much potential I just don’t think it should of been a film. But look at Buffy, that was a not so good film which became a TV phenomenon, could the same of happened to The Covenant? If the CW wants to bring the series to TV then there might be some legs left in this franchise. If not to be it will always be one of my guilty pleasures.

Darren Goodwin


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