giphyWhen I was at the cinema recently I saw the trailer for Pitch Perfect 3, to be honest I’ve not seen 1 and 2, but I know that they are like a film version of Glee, not my thing to honest. As I watched the trailer I was suddenly very interested when I saw this very hot guy doing a Top Gun Tom Cruise impression, then I realised it was Matt Lanter.


I think I’m right in thinking that everyone has looked at a cartoon character and thought, wooooof he’s hot. I think the first time this happened was when I was younger watching Aladdin and thinking I’d definitely disgrace Disney and look in those baggy trousers. Come on it can’t just be me?


When The Clone Wars started I was completely convince by the animated Anakin, as much as I loved Hayden in Clones and Sith, the animated version just had more to him. I really loved his voice, so I when I saw the picture of the voice actor I thought wow your hot.

Suddenly Anakin got all sexy knowing that. He also went on to voice Anakin for the other Star Wars animated shows Rebels and Forces of Destiny, as well as providing additional voices for The Force Awakens.


Lanter has also had leading roles in 90210 and more recently Timeless, but its his smouldering looks that have got him on the Manwatch list. So enjoy people and say hello to Matt Lanter.



Darren Goodwin

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