Last night I went to see the new Justice League film, and I’m sorry to say I thought as a movie as a whole it was awful. As I started to write this blog its really difficult not to do a DC V Marvel type blog, but fuck it I’m a Marvel fan and this was not a worthy film compared to Avengers. But I just found so many points that I just couldn’t get my head around.

Too many origin stories

The film has a limited run time, so to be it wasn’t long enough to fit the whole story they are trying to tell. We already had back stories for the main “three” of the film, but the first hour is spent introducing the other three characters Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg.  The problem with this is they rush to uniting the characters and us as an audience still don’t know who they really are, and we now have to accept that they are suddenly a team.

JUSTICE LEAGUE – Official Heroes Trailer — Pictured: Aquaman (screen grab) CR: Warner Bros. Picture

Movie order is wrong

The way I see it we would not have Justice League if it wasn’t for the success of Marvel’s Avengers Assembled. Marvel and Disney set the bar on how to establish a multi film series. When we get to Avengers we know all the characters and become all fresh again when put together in the same scenes.

Having Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America have their own films worked well to make Avengers epic. DC are playing catch up here, Batman V Superman was a quick way to bring Batman, then we had the Wonder Woman film that established that character brilliantly.

What they should of done following Batman V Superman was to have the Aquaman and Flash films follow Wonder Woman, establishing all the big players ready. I wont even begin with the waste of time that was suicide squad movie. This leaves Cyborg who could be introduced to Justice League, just because he is related to the mother box so it would make sense to have him come in there. I really think this would of built up better momentum for Justice League.

Amazon’s dying out?

I’m very aware that the island the Amazon’s live on isn’t that big, so there can’t be millions of them there. So add the deaths in Wonder Woman from the Nazi’s, and the massacre in Justice League surely they can’t be that many left? And with no men folk on the island they will surely die out? Unless this is something from the comics I don’t know about? That’s the one movie I don’t want to see, Amazons and the search for seed lol.

people-are-raging-over-these-skimpy-and-impractical-amazon-costumes-in-justice-league--heres-why-they-should-stop-freaking-out.pngFrankenstein bringing Superman back to life

Did we really need to see our superheroes digging up the body of Superman, and taking him to the Kryptonian spaceship to bring him back to life? It suddenly went darker in an already dark film. I was sort of hoping that it would be some power surge from the mother box, then we see Superman burst from the ground in all his glory to help his friends. youngfrankenstein8

Superman’s identity revealed to the world

One scene I really couldn’t get over was when Superman had just been resurrected and was faced by his friends, and in the background are police standing by. As Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg try and reach out to a disorientated Kal-El, Batman arrives with Lois Lane.

I get the plot they needed Lois to bring Superman back mentally, but in front of loads of police officers she screams “Clark”. She does this several times before he swoops her up into the air. Surely it doesn’t take a genius in Metropolis to put together that Clark, is Clark Kent to Lois. So right now there are a lot of people who know Clark is Superman? Fail.


No unity

Marvel was very clever to have Samuel L Jackson weaved in and out of all the solo films, as well as Shield. When it came to Avengers Assembled this helped build a unity for all the characters and a purpose to fight. I don’t think a bad dream from Batman, and Alfred helping to bring the League together worked at all.

Batman V Aliens

I thought Batman was very lacking in this film in terms of action, compared to his other super friends, which I think putting him up against an extra terrestrial threat was a bad idea. Again like in Batman V Superman seeing Batman using a gun isn’t what we expect, especially from the Nolan trilogy.

WHAT I LOVEDaquaman-vs-thor.jpg


Out of all the members of the League Aquaman was brilliant, I really think they have the casting right for this character. Obviously we all know Jason Momoa from Game Of Thrones, and myself I first saw him in the Conan remake. Choosing the a rock star type of person to take on a much dissed, and laughed at hero was a great idea. Obviously it really mimics Chris Hemsworth in Thor, to be honest I’m ok with that.

But again you don’t really get to see a lot of this character due to having to squeeze in 3 origin/back stories in this film. I’m really looking forward to seeing his solo film and seeing what Momoa brings to the character, and seeing the old stereo types of this character being blown away.


One of the great sequences I loved in the film was the original fight between Steppenwolf and the beings of earth. Atlanteans fighting along side with Amazon’s, gods and the Green Lantern corp. Much like in Man Of Steel the opening few scenes of war on Krypton were the best scenes of the film, and this was true here. But what got my attention was Zeus king of the Gods!!! Played by fitness model Sergi Constance, who is stunning I just wanted to see more of him. Zeus solo film please DC.



Aquaman is the next big film I’m looking forward to seeing, like I said before I really hope they use this opportunity to flesh the character out. The one really important thing coming in the next few years is the Flash solo film, and more importantly is Ezra Miller in the starring role. To have an openly gay actor in Hollywood as the leading man in a superhero movie will be so special, not only to DC fans but to the LGBTQ community. Maybe there is hope still for this franchise?


Darren Goodwin


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