Who remembers watching Smallville? All of a sudden this stunning blond hunk came on to the scene? In walks Justin Hartley swinging his big bow around. So I thought this would be a perfect time for Justin to be featured in Manwatch.


In the time before Stephen Amell’s definitive Green Arrow, we were treated to another Green Arrow in Smallville. Brought in to the later seasons of the show, Hartley brought in a freshness of new heroes to the show, even leading to an early Justice League.


Since Smallville Hartley has appeared in numerous shows, but is currently starring in NBC’s drama series This is us. But it was a Christmas movie that caught my attention and reminded me how hot this guy is.

After the success of Bad Moms a rushed sequel was put into the works, and Hartley was there in the trailer, naked and getting his ass waxed wooooof!

Hartley played a horny hung male stripper in the film and boy he doesn’t disappoint. Much like Chris Hemsworth in National Lampoon’s Vacation movie, Hartley has a massive dick in his tight Santa shorts. I know its not real, but I have a great visual now.


What we need now is for Justin Hartley to guest star in Arrow so we can see some Hartley V Amell action, well we can all dream.

This Is Us - Season 195e45282630ea9119f48c406a7c546fa--justin-hartley-best-body091916-justin-hartley-leadec6q2Eh055440This Is Us - Season 1justin-hartley-shirtless-ellenRevengeFallTV_Justin1-copyimg-1829461648bjh2Justin-Hartley-4sx

justin-hartley-shirtless-ellenricCLYf3Ellen DeGeneres; Hillary Clinton


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