Carrie-Fisher-Princess-Leia-Final-Performance-Last-JediWith the sad passing of Carrie Fisher last year, we will never see the what was planned for the Princess in episode IX. But looking at The Last Jedi did they have a chance to rewrite the end to give her a great send off?

SPOILERS AHEAD IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE LAST JEDI! – But come on you should of had by now.

I really loved The Last Jedi, I don’t care what anyone says, it didn’t damage the franchise. Instead now really delivers the saga to the new characters we met in the Force Awakens, and now the future can move forward with these characters.


When the tragic news the Carrie Fisher had passed away in December 2016, we all feared what would happen to our beloved Princess. Thankfully she had completed all work on The Last Jedi, so we had one complete film left to enjoy her. But where do we go next for the Princess?


Last year we were all blown away from seeing a CGI Peter Cushing playing Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One, which was topped off seeing a young Leia give Hope at the end of Rogue One. Knowing this technology is there I just don’t think this is the best thing to do to give her an exit in episode IX. She deserves better than that, after giving her whole life to saving the galaxy.


Episode IX will probably have a massive time jump from The Last Jedi, where in the opening crawl we will see “The Skywalkers are dead”, or it will open with Leia’s funeral. It’s the only way to avoid using CGI splice of Carrie Fisher for the film. From what has been said from the interviews around the subject TFA was Han’s film, TLJ was Luke’s and IX was Leia’s film.


So after watching The Last Jedi I did think there was a perfect way to end Leia’s story with very little editing and maybe a reshoot with Rey to explain so here it is.

One of the most explosive moments of TLJ was the fake out death scene in the first half of film was one of those shocking moments of the film, but it’s here where my idea starts. In the scene we seem to think its Leia who is using the Force to get herself to safety, but what if it was Luke?


Move the plot a lot forward when Luke connects to Leia when she was in her coma and wakes her up, there is a big connection not only because they are siblings, but think like the connection Snoke gives to Rey and Kylo Ren?

Cut to the end of the film after the face off between Luke and Kylo and Luke dies just like his mentor Obi-One in A New Hope, becoming one with the force and leaving just a robe in his place. Jump to the Millennium Falcon where Rey feels Luke’s death and runs to see talk to Leia, where she witness’s Leia become one with the force as well leaving a cloak in her place!

The ship goes into panic at what has happened to Leia, its here where Rey tells Poe, Fin and the others that Leia had died on the ship, but because of her bond to Luke and that they are Twins she was able to complete her mission, the same as Luke had. As soon as Luke died it was her time as well, and the Skywalker twins became two with the force.


So that was my idea how it could of been done, and to me if could of fit with the storyline. The only loop would be is that Luke cut himself off from the Force, but I don’t think Luke would just let his sister die without trying to help save her. But just remember this is me, a life long Star Wars fan trying to put a believable ending to a epic character. We’ll have to wait till 2019 to see where Lucas Film takes the story, I just hope they do The General credit.


Darren Goodwin

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