We all hit that point in January when Christmas is but a distant memory, we’re two weeks away from payday, and we’re all trying to stick to our new year’s resolutions. Fuck all that new year – new me bollocks, I like to think of 2018 being a continuation of me being me, fucking amazing. But with a new year comes new dating opportunities, and lately I’ve experienced some new things.



So what could I be doing differently? Lately I’ve been speaking to more and more gay gamers or gaymers as they are know, especially since getting my Xbox One. I was chatting to this hot guy from Grindr over Christmas, after exchanging pics and some dirty chat the talk went on to gaming and Xbox. It’s odd because I actually think I enjoyed chatting more about that, then talking about fucking his throat?

The conversation moved swiftly on to us playing Battlefront 2 together, we haven’t had our date yet but as we exchanged Xbox i.ds I started to look into this more. Xbox live has a group called Gay Gamers with over 300 members, forget the apps lads its all online again. I’ll keep you all informed if anything happens with this, but I like the idea of gaming and getting a blow job at the same time.



Where would we be these days without WhatsApp? Paying to send dick pics via multimedia texts that’s where! But we can all agree that WhatsApp has made it easier for everyone to talk via Wi-Fi on our phones. I find its a great way to keep up with friends, and especially when it comes to app dating its a way of moving the conversation to the next level, as well as send images and videos lol.

Recently I was talking to a guy from grindr, we talking about meeting up and wanted to exchange pics, so naturally I suggested WhatsApp. I gave him my number and told him to add me, which he did so.

Suddenly I started to receive multiple messages from a group called Brighton Meets, I looked at this and thought what’s going on. I looked further and the guy I was talking to had added me to a massive WhatsApp group. I looked at the members list and saw roughly about 40 numbers of guys that were all part of this group. Without my permission by adding me to this group, my number and details were available to all the guys in the group, that’s rude I thought.


The guy then messaged me on a separate chat asking me for my details, the usual are top? how hung? HIV status? I knew straight away he was going to display these details in the chat, so I politely told that’s my business. I knew then that I should of left the group, but a small part of me was intrigued to what was happening.

Over that day I received about 30 message alerts from people in the group, sending pictures ect, to get me to meet so I could fuck them. Strangely I got more annoyed than turned on from this, believe me these were some pictures I really didn’t want to see. For me part of meeting a new guy was the hunt to get them into bed, pulling out all the right moves to him naked. When it’s being offered to you like this, especially from guys that really weren’t my type, its too easy for a hunter like me.


I muted the chat as it annoyed me receiving so many message alerts, and on top of that I was receiving multiple private messages from people in the group who had taken my number without my permission. I was starting to see friends pop up in the group, so I knew that my intrigue was over and I wanted out. I left the group.

I get the point of it, take away the bullshit that you get from apps, these guys actually wanted to meet. But it’s a no from me, something about complete strangers WhatsApp me out no where its not sexy. If I give someone my number it means I think their hot, and I want something to happen, this went against that. I’m still finding disturbing pictures on my phone from it!



How kinky would you say you were? Me I always say I’m a vanilla boy, and lots of it. I don’t think I challenge my kinky side as much as others do, but I do sometimes bend it a little. As part of my Christmas I met up with a local who I had been chatting to on scruff, everything seemed normal with this one, the chat, the pics everything.

He came over to mine one evening for “drinks” but as soon as he was through the door we were kissing and had our hands I each others jeans. Even as we got down to it everything seemed normal, at this point he “jumped on board” and it was all go.

As he started to speed up the ride he started to moving his hands up and down my chest, then he suddenly went for my throat! I blocked it straight away and held his hands away, I thought at this point is he in the midst of passion? He said sorry and didn’t mean to, so we carried on. Fuck that he attempted it twice more, then I chucked him off my dick.

At no point did I think this guy wanted to kill me, but he was a bit too kinky for me. He left a few minutes later, he did message me again to meet up, in which I replied “I’m not what your looking for.”


I think at the end of the day I just want to meet nice people this year, whether to be dating or just new friends. Over the years I’ve put so much pressure on myself to get myself out there and find a boyfriend, but I’m just not in that place right now to do so. I’m bored of talking endlessly to guys that nothing ever becomes of it, I’m bored of going on so many first dates. 2018 is about enjoying my life, if I meet someone that wants to come along for the ride then brilliant, if not I’ve not lost anything really. This year is about living life, not waiting for it to start.

Darren Goodwin

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