After losing 3 stone last year, and managing to keep it off was a great success for me. Its not the 5 stone I wanted to lose but its progress and that’s the main thing when on this fitness journey. So how do what do we do different with 2018? The first is to steer clear of actual weight goals, over the last 5 years its all been about reaching a certain weight and that’s it my quest is over, is that realistic? 2018 is about my fitness journey becoming lifestyle for the next 30 years, and if I lose a few stone on the way then that’s great.

So what are my goals for this year, what am I working towards? Barcelona is calling in June so I’d like to lose a stone and bit, just so I can feel really comfortable in short shorts and a vest. I know I’ve already said I don’t want weight loss goals, so I will measure this with inches lost on my body, that way I can see the results better than what the scales are telling me. After that I have Britney double bill in August so I want to build up my shoulders and arms to wear a Britney vest with Pride 🙂

Cardio is always going to be the bitch in my life, all I want to do is lift weights and continue to see my legs and upper body grow bigger. All of that is great but its not affecting the tyre around my tummy. So I need to be more active to when it comes to my work outs. The key to this I believe is to keep up with my treadmill work outs I started in 2017. I really saw results after having 3 30minute interval sessions a week on the treadmill.

At the moment I do all my weight work outs during my morning sessions 5 days a week, then 4 nights a week I’ll do a cardio work out involving cross trainers and treadmills. I’m also embarking on outside work outs this month with my friend Damian, who I trained with for a few years. I can’t say 100% that I focused as much on this last year, but this year I will.

Weight training was the best part of 2017, I always thought when I was bigger in weight that there is no point starting weight training because I wont see the results. I really like that my legs are becoming really muscly. My chest has really surprised me this year, becoming bigger and hard with muscle, and not fat for once.

I’ve tasked Matt with designing me new routines to divide up my work outs through out the week. I’m addicted to working my chest, only because the one thing I want to do is reduce my man boobs and replace them with pecs. I always know I don’t want to be a toned muscle guy, but I’d gladly settle for a stocky well built rugby player any day.

Working with my trainer Matt is really important with my plan for 2018, as much as I have learnt a lot from my trainers over the last 5 years its always good to have a trainer to make sure you are still heading the direction you want to be. I see all the time people who train with a trainer suddenly stop and go it alone, after a while they are doing erratic exercising and over doing it. As much as a trainer pushes you to keep going, a trainer is also that person to tell you to slow down and stop because your going to burn out in time.

Matt has done really well guiding me in 2017 and together we are working on my goals for 2018. I see Matt once a week as well as seeing Damian a few times a month. Having a personal trainer does cost money so I completely understand when people say they can’t afford one. So have something that suits you, even if you meet one for 1 session a month, or once every 2 weeks its completely worth it. I use my sessions as a chance to check in, make sure what I’m doing is correct and then giving me something to work on till the next session.

When it comes to food this is where I slip, it’s difficult when you have a problem with food. If I was an alcoholic I’d stop drinking booze, if I was a drug addict a similar solution, with food you have to eat and finding that balance is the most difficult.  What I’ve found recently is making sure  you remove certain temptations that make you slip.


The biggest of these temptations is work place snacking, and its never me encouraging this. My work place is very good at rewarding staff with treats when things go right, well I say that but lately its more like people are bringing in packs of doughnuts to celebrate having new paper clips delivered. The worst is at weekends when we have endless deliveries from Deliveroo, temptation is everywhere and it is really a struggle to avoid this.

I can’t expect people not to do these things just because I’m watching my diet, doesn’t mean they have to as well. To be honest my closet friends at work try not to put temptation in front of me, so I’ve got a few people looking out for me.

So what I’ve been trying to do is disassociate junk food with work, even if outside of work I treat myself to something naughty, it takes away the association with the office in my brain.

I’m still really enjoying my protein fix with grenade bars for my mid morning snack, usually around 11am I have a bar with a green tea and it really sets me up for the day. I really want to try out new recipes and dishes in 2018, so the plan is to do at least one cooking blog and Vlog.


So with a lot of things in motion I’m really happy that I will continue with the success in 2017. The key is to make sure I continue what I’m doing, but rev it up to the next level!.

Darren Goodwin

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