Hello my name is Darren, I’m a gay guy in his mid thirties living in Brighton and welcome to my site. The name of this site is pretty much my life, I am gay, a geek and am going on a massive journey in the gym and I wanted a platform to showcase this.


My gay life, which is basically Darren life is something that I cant get away from lol Since moving to Brighton 4 years ago I’ve tried to¬†build a new life, friends and love. Some of it good, some of it bad and some just crazy. But that’s life.


My geek life started when I was very young, I remember my Nan making me watch the Dalek movies and I fell in love with. Again something similar happened when I watch Return Of The Jedi when I was 7 I was completely blown away with this amazing world George Lucas created. Ever since then I’m attracted to sci-fi/fantasy movies or shows.


4 years ago I weighed nearly 27 stone, and since then I’ve been on a massive journey I’ve lost over 10 stone and am working on bulking myself up. I work with a brilliant personal trainer Matt who helps me with everything diet, work out and lifestyle.


So I wanted this site to be a place where I can express and document these journeys I’m going on. Everything from dating, friends, going to conventions and of course my weight loss. If something from here can help or inspire someone, then that’s what I set out to do.

Darren Goodwin